Brew Dog Turns 11

The first post ever made on the Kegerator Blog over 11 years ago was to welcome home our new Golden Retriever puppy. Guess what, he is still here and yes he does love draft beer. He still doesn’t retrieve.

He has changed a little since his first appearance, but he still has the same attitude and wild personality. In hindsight I should have named him HOPS. He never sits still and literally hops on anyone who comes in the door. We all still love you Brew Dog. Happy Birthday buddy.

So what is Brew’s favorite beer? He is no craft beer snob. The dude would drink anything put in front of him. I’ve never actually given him more than a tablespoon of any beer (poor guy) but has become partial to Bowser beer. It’s a no alcohol, no hop, broth-like bev in bottle. He goes crazy for it.

Brew’s favorite travel destination has to be South Lake Tahoe where he runs and plays in the cold water of the lake, chases teet mice up trees and barks at the locals (bears, birds, rude people).

When he’s not on vacay he is busy at work assisting in the homebrew operations at and keeping the world’s supply of peanut butter in balance.

Black Friday Kegerator Deals

These deals have expired. – Check current open box, scratch and dent and sale kegerators for the latest pricing.

Let’s just get right to it. The Edgestar Craft Beer Kegerator – 5 Gallon is selling new for $339 with Free Shipping. You can also get an OPEN BOX version of this one for $260.99 with coupon code: CYBERSALE. This is the best BLACK FRIDAY kegerator deal we have come across so far today. Check the main (Kegerator Deals page for the most recent coupons and discount codes.) You can also, save 15% on your First Order With the Credit Card.

The Arctic King Kegerator is on Rollback for $284.99 delivered.

Next, we have the highly rated and recommended Edgestar Slim Kegerator. A few options for this one.

NEW – $379 with free shipping
SCRATCH and DENT – $299.99 with free shipping


New Value Series Kegerators from KaTom

Value Series Single Tap Commercial KegeratorValue Series Single Tap Commercial Kegerator Specs

Commercial kegerators are usually more expensive than residential grade kegerators due to extra features and thicker, more durable materials being used. KaTom has created a line of professional grade kegerators that are priced like a residential kegerator, but have all the features that matter for a high traffic commercial environment.

The Value Series Single Tap Commercial Kegerator was designed with solid components where it matters. Value Series Kegerators reduce unnecessary component expenses in areas that aren’t vital to dispensing perfect draft beer.

This is a very affordable solution for restaurants, hotels and bars that need commercial quality beer dispensing on a low budget. The unit is packed with features that include:

  • Quick Shipping
  • 6.5 cu. ft. capacity
  • A side mounted compressor for more internal keg space
  • Hinged door with recessed handles
  • Stainless steel tap tower with stainless steel drip tray
  • Stainless steel countertop
  • Adjustable plastic coated wire shelves
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Laminated black vinyl front and sides
  • 6 inch locking casters

Value Series Single Tap Commercial Kegerator – $821.20

A TV Tap Handle For Your Kegerator

Most tap handles are boring and have no purpose other than a place for your meat hooks to grip while pulling a pint. There are a few exceptions including the Tap Boards line of chalkboard and dry erase tap handles that allow you to write or draw whatever you have on tap, but Lincoln Tech Solutions has created the first  LCD screen in a tap handle called the TV TAP – LCD Tap Handle that you can upload video or images.

It includes a full-color 4.3″ digital display, which has a touch screen so you can easily navigate the menus. The handle was designed to fit on all standard taps. Each comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of lasting 15-18 hours.

You can customize the bright LCD display with your image or video. Just drag and drop the file to their auto-converter, and your custom message will display on the bright LCD display that can be seen in any light condition.

Pre-order TV Tap – $199

A Kegerator For Your Growlers

You go to your favorite brewpub and fill up a few growlers, but soon after you get them home the beer’s carbonation quickly exits, leaving you a lifeless liquid not worth the dog’s bowl. If you want to keep the growler’s contents tasting delicious you need to keep it under pressure and away from air and light. No need to worry — Growler Chill is a countertop kegerator for dispensing growlers that does just that.

The machine purges out oxygen, fully encloses the growlers inside away from light and dispenses whatever you have in the growler under pressure. Growler Chill holds 3 standard sized growlers and is compatible with both 64 oz and 32 oz. glass growlers. If growlers are your thang, then this growlerator is your jam.

The Growler Chill is available for pre-order here —  $439.00

Kegerator Clearance Sale

Save up to 40% on open box draft beer kegerator dispensers. Sometime kegerators are returned unused because they didn’t fit the space, the finish didn’t match what the buyer was looking for or maybe they were used as a display model at a tradeshow. Whatever the reason, all open box kegerators are in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The kegerators are tested for quality assurance and certified “Open Box”. All “Open Box” units include a 90 day parts and labor warranty but are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return.

Check the current stock of: Open Box Kegerators

Keg King Kegerators Now Available on


Keg King is the latest brand now available on with three versions of their homebrew focused line of kegerators. Keg King has packed these units with new features not often found in today’s basic kegerators. The biggest stand out are the forward sealing stainless steel faucets. These are not offered on any other kegerators that we are aware of.

First, they have included an extremely powerful and efficient compressor that can chill your beer down to 26 F (Not that you would want to, but you have the option.) The Keg King Series 4 Kegerators also include a tower chilling fan, digital temperature controls, onboard temperature memory, Intertap taps, glassware rack, drip tray and a huge 5.8 cu. ft. capacity. This gives you plenty of room to ferment multiple carboys and dispense various size kegs at the same time. The CO2 tank is mounted on the back of the unit, giving you even more space inside for kegs.


Keg King Series 4 Single Tap Kegerator – (exterior mounted CO2 tank and interior mounted glass rack)

Keg King Series 4 Dual Tap Kegerator – (large interior space for fermenting or converts to normal refrigerator with racks)

Keg King Series 4 Three Faucet Kegerator – (internal tower chilling fan and included Intertap forward seal stainless faucets)

$25 off Versonel Full Keg Kegerators Beer Dispensers + Free Shipping


We have just received a $25 off coupon code for Versonel Stainless Steel Full Keg Kegerators / Beer Dispensers, both the SPP155BDSS & VSL155TDSS with LCD Temperature Display. Save up to 40% – Prices starting at just $474.99 + Free Shipping after coupon code.

This offer is valid with coupon code 25KEG

Coupon ends Sunday 3/27.

These best selling Versonel Stainless Steel Freestanding Beer Kegerators are great for those looking to have fresh tap beer available in your own home. The convenience, portability and aesthetics of the Versonel Kegerators make a great addition to anyone’s home or venue.

Additional $25 off Versonel Stainless Full Keg Kegerators Beer Dispensers. Save up to 40% + Free Shipping with coupon code 25KEG

Compact Craft Beer Kegerator


There is a lot of craft beer available these days and now EdgeStar has built a beer dispenser to help bring it to your home. In almost every big city in America we see an explosion of brew pubs, breweries and craft beer bars offering draft beer to go. Crowlers, growlers, bottles, cans and kegs are a normal selection at most modern dispensaries, so take advantage of those ToGo kegs with the Compact Craft Beer Kegerator.

EdgeStar didn’t cheap out with this unit. Sure, you can get a cheaper kegerator, but you won’t get the quality materials. They are using stainless steel on the faucet, beer tower, coupler and exterior. The kegerator is designed to fit one sixth barrel or one Cornelius keg. It even has a built in internal circulation fan that can push temperatures down to 32F.


One of my favorite features is the door lock. It may seem unnecessary, but when you have little kids it keeps the door closed and the interior contents untouched. (I sometimes use the unit as a fermentation chamber for making beer. Children love to open up kegerators and pull off carboy airlocks.) The door lock is useful, trust me.



Here is a look at all the components included with the Craft Beer Kegerator for dispensing your favorite beer.


1 – Stainless Steel Column Draft Tower
2 – Chrome Plated Brass Faucet
3 – Domestic “D” System Sankey Coupler
4 – Single Gauge Regulator
5 – 5 ft. of 3/16 in. I.D. NSF Approved Beer Line
6 – 4 ft. of 5/16 in. I.D. Vinyl Air Line
7 – 2 1/2 lb. Aluminum CO2 tank (Empty)
8 – Drip Tray
Want to see more of this Compact Craft Beer Kegerator? Go Here for more details and information.

Dual Tap Kegerator Price Drop – $448

Nostalgia Electrics Double Tap Kegerator - KRS6100SS

The very popular home draft kegerator, Nostalgia Electrics Double Tap Kegerator – KRS6100SS, with two taps has dropped in price to $448 and ships free. This is a great deal and is very close to the all time low recorded price of $420.91 back in Apr, 2015. This kegerator usually costs around $525, so take advantage of this BIG price drop.

The kegerator has 6 Cubic Feet of refrigeration space and comes with all the gear you need to dispense commercial keg beer including the co2 tank, hoses, regulator and coupler. 30 Day return policy makes this a no risk buy!