Best Kegerator in 2018

A kegerator or beer dispenser will help you keep kegs chilled and ready to pour while above all keeping your beer and wine kegs fresh

Choosing a kegerator for your home can be confusing – there’s a lot of different kegerator configurations out there (more than 400) which makes choosing the right one tricky at best and very confusing – and downright frustrating – at worst.

Luckily we’ve tested all of the major players to take the sting out of your decision. So if you’re thinking of buying one and want to find out which is the best kegerator to choose, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve evaluated more than 100 of the best (and some of the very worst) kegerators and we retest them regularly too – so you can be sure the recommendations on this page are current and can be trusted.

What’s the best kegerator?

The best kegerator for residential use right now is the Beer Meister Digital BM101B. It’s the best all-round option for keg size storage and temperature control at an affordable price. A close number two is EdgeStar KC7000 Twin which is another very reliable build-in capable kegerator that we like a lot – particularly the way it chills two kegs with a tower cooling fan and digital thermostat controls. And the third best kegerator in 2018 is the Flow Control Kegerator by Keg King – amazing for keeping foamy pours to a minimum.

If you want to see the best home kegerators in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide. We personally review HUNDREDS of indoor and outdoor kegerators each year to compile our top picks so you don’t have to spend hours digging online. Read more about these kegerators and more below!

1. Beer Meister BM101B Digital Kegerator

The best all-round home kegerator with quality components at a reasonable price

Number of taps: 1 | Location: Indoor | Temperature Range: 32-50 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 3 – ⅙ Barrel Kegs

Includes all the dispensing components

Easily accessible front digital temperature controls

Dual gauge regulator

1 year unit warranty, 2 year compressor warranty

External CO2 tank storage

Beer faucet is chrome plated and not stainless steel

Some reports of temperature setting changing randomly

Drip tray is plastic

[FREE CLEANING KIT] Beer Meister Special Deal – FREE CLEANING KIT ($40 VALUE) WILL BE SHIPPED WITH ORDER!. The Beer Meister BM101B delivered outstanding keg chilling speeds during our cooling tests, low decibel noise levels, excellent customer support plus a 1 year warranty.

Best Kegerator 2018 Award

Beer Meister offers three lines of draft beer dispensers to choose from for indoor, outdoor, built-in or commercial use. With Beer Meister you get free fast shipping and high quality compressors with quick cooling technology.

But that’s not all for Beer Meister. Want to make your own beer? They’ve got you covered with a huge selection of homebrew supplies and ingredient kits. What’s also really helpful is that there are loads of web-based guides in their online academy which are easy to follow to help you get up and running with the kegerator. Beer Meister also offers fast web and phone support, with agents staffed Mon-Fri to answer any questions you may have about their kegerators or installation.

Downsides? The Beer Meister BM101B Kegerator draft beer faucet is made of plated chrome which will eventually start to chip and need replacement. The drip tray is made of plastic and has the potential to be damaged if, like us, you like to wash it using the dishwasher. But if you want a reliable, quick cooling and solid refrigerator, the Beer Meister BM101B Digital Kegerator may be a great fit. While they do only offer a one year warranty on the unit, the compressor is covered for a full two years and they have a ‘no hassle’, 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the kegerator. The available Beer Meister Value line configurations are:

Best Kegerator to Build In

2. Edgestar KC7000 Twin

The best built-in kegerator for multiple kegs

Number of taps: 2 | Location: Indoor (outdoor version available) | Temperature Range: As low as 32 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 3 ⅙ Barrel Kegs 

Forced-air draft tower cooling fan

Digital temperature controls and LCD display

Build-in ready with front ventilation

LED interior lighting

No tube knockout for external CO tank location

Expensive, but you get high quality parts

[Save an Extra $25] Edgestar Special Deal – Get $25 Off on Edgestar kegerator orders of $500 or more using coupon code: KEGSAVE25 at checkout. The Edgestar KC7000 series is our number two pick mainly because of the price. The units are well constructed and have great reviews from satisfied buyers. The sticker shock of paying over a thousand dollars certainly deters buyers, but if you have ever owned a kegerator you will notice all of the high quality parts used in the KC7000 and realize it might be worth the extra money.

The standout feature of the Edgestar KC7000 Built-In Kegerator for us is the draft tower cooling fan. If you are in an area with a lot of temperature swings you might find your draft tower gets warmer than the cold keg inside the unit. When you go to dispense the beer you will get a lot of foaming unless you have a tower fan blowing cold air and equalizing those temperatures.

All of the KC7000 kegerators, which are available in one, two and three tap models and indoor or outdoor, are build-in ready with front ventilation. They seamlessly integrate into cabinetry under the counter and have a very quiet compressor. A strong door lock is another bonus we liked to keep unwanted kids and keg thieves away from the kegerator internals.

The main weakness for the KC7000 is on the pricing front, as the different units are somewhat expensive. The control buttons are also all membrane touch buttons, which are not very responsive. All controls are located on the inside of the kegerator, so you have to open the door to adjust the temp up or down for example… not optimal as this lets all the cold air out each time you open it up. Another negative is power related. If the power goes out for some reason, the kegerator does not remember the temperature setting to return to once power is restored. It actually doesn’t even come back on until you push the power button again and adjust the temperatures manually. This could result in a hot keg if you aren’t nearby during a power outage. The available Edgestar KC7000 configurations are:

Exclusive Edgestar Deal – $25 Off using coupon code: KEGSAVE25

Best Kegerator For Foam Control

3. Keg King Flow Control Kegerator

The best kegerator for controlling foamy pours

Number of taps: Up to 3 | Location: Indoor | Temperature Range: 26 – 82 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 3 ⅙ Barrel Kegs 

Air cooled draft tower

Flow control faucet

Easily accessible front digital temperature controls

Interior glass rack

Installation instructions are limited

Keg King Kegerators are the new kid on the block. They are manufactured in Australia and made with the homebrewer in mind. They designed the units to hold 3 homebrew kegs (will also hold a half barrel American keg) and also be spacious enough to be used as a beer fermentation chamber. Keg King poured the best glass of beer during our pour tests. The beer poured at a normal rate without over foaming or spill overs.

Keg King offers a few different models at different price points. You can choose from one, two or three faucets and then choose between chrome, stainless or stainless flow control faucets. There is even a Nitro model configured for stout or cold brew coffee. With Keg King you also get free fast shipping and forward sealing Intertap faucets (our favorite).

But Keg King also has more accessories to upgrade than other makers out there… like fitted kegerator covers, external temperature controllers and heavy duty “off road” castor wheel upgrades.

The Keg King team has put together a huge library of online video tutorials to assist setting up, dispensing and cleaning the kegerator. There is a 1 year warranty on Keg King kegerators and they have a ‘no hassle’, industry leading 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the kegerator.

Downsides? Not many, but some have said the instructions included are not very easy to follow during installation. Because kegs come in various diameters, some people have had trouble getting three kegs to fit. We have successfully fit 3 homebrew Cornelius kegs in the unit, but buyer beware and check the sizes of your kegs before purchase. The available Keg King configurations are:

Best Kegerator For Outside

4. Perlick Outdoor Kegerator

The best kegerator for outdoor kitchens and bars

Number of taps: Up to 3 | Location: Outdoor | Temperature Range: 33 – 42 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 3 ⅙ Barrel Kegs 

Stainless steel interior and exterior

 Front-vented RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration

 Air-cooled dispensing tower

UL-rated for outdoor use

Louder than other indoor units

The Perlick Outdoor Kegerator is the most versatile outdoor kegerator on the market if you are designing an outdoor kitchen or bar. It has different width models to choose from, build-in or freestanding units,  multiple tap configurations, door hinge placements and door material options.

Perlick constructed the units using 304 stainless steel on the interior and exterior for maximum outdoor protection from the elements. The ability to use custom cabinet panels is why this is the number #1 outdoor kegerator pick for home owners and contractors along with the commercial grade stainless steel used in almost everything throughout the kegerator.

What else do we love about this kegerator? An interior LED light, manual defrost button, door lock, reversible door and an optional wood overlay door panel to match surrounding cabinetry. You can use a 24″ outdoor stainless steel kegerator trim kit if you are building this unit into an outdoor kitchen. They even have a mounting hole template you can download to help with the tower installation.

Another exclusive feature is an actual master power switch to turn the unit on and off. Surprisingly, this feature is not available on most kegerators. The outdoor Perlick kegerator has an impressive Three Full Year Warranty plus an additional three years on sealed systems.

Price is always a concern when you are shopping for an outdoor kegerator. You may be tempted to go with the cheaper models, but you get what you pay for. Remember that included in the price of this kegerator is that 3 year warranty, which from our experience with this unit, might not ever be needed. The available Outdoor Perlick models are:

Best Kegerator For Wine

5. Dual Tap Wine Kegerator by EdgeStar

The best wine kegerator

Number of taps: 2 | Location: Indoor | Temperature Range: 32-50 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 3 ⅙ Barrel Kegs 

Stainless steel dual faucet draft tower

Stainless steel wine faucets

Easily accessible front digital temperature controls

Customize components at checkout

Plastic drip tray

Another offering from Edgestar that is top in its class is their dual tap wine dispenser. Dispensing wine takes some specialized equipment due to the increased acidity of wine and this wine kegerator is outfitted with the stainless steel faucets and fittings needed for pouring perfect tasting wine without any off-flavors. This unit comes with a dual gauge Nitrogen tank regulator and hose fittings ready to pour wine.

The ability to customize the components at checkout is a nice bonus, as some units don’t allow any customization. You can add in a Nitrogen tank (if needed) or wine kegs and disconnects if you are making your own wine at home.

The digital refrigerator that does the cooling lets you easily set, monitor and adjust the ambient temperature around your kegs from a front control panel, giving you total control of your beverage temperature without having to open the door! This wine keg fridge has a stainless steel front and is supported by 4 heavy-duty casters, making it very portable and simple to move. It will hold up to three homebrew kegs, 1 half keg or two slim commercial kegs.

The interior features a stainless steel base plate increasing the durability of your fridge, allowing years of kegs and gallons of delicious wine flowing in and out.

If you are thinking about wine on tap in your home, consider the flexibility of this dual faucet version now. You can have red and white wine on tap and everyone will be happy.

Best Kegerator For Portable Use

6. Bistro Bar Portable Kegerator

The best kegerator for portability

Number of taps: 1 | Location: Outdoor | Temperature Range: 36 – 40 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 Half Barrel, up to 1 ⅙ Barrel Kegs 

Uses CO2 gas to dispense the keg

Sets up in 5 minutes

Breaks down to 27 inch height for storage

Large heavy-duty off road wheels

Uses ice to chill

Technically not a kegerator, the Bistro Bar Portable Dispenser is a CO2 powered draft dispenser that chills kegs using ice. This is basically a large jockey box on wheels that can house a full size keg. It is the best kegerator option when you need to get a keg in a not so accessible location. Think poolside, beach party, wedding, tailgate, BBQ, camping or other outdoor event.

The Bistro Bar is made of extremely durable material that can handle the wear and tear portable kegerators endure. The ability to break down into a 27″ high stack when not in use is a great feature for those space deprived event planners and garage hoarders. The unit popped up in less than 5 minutes during our install test and chilled the keg with just a few bags of ice.

The Bistro Bar uses durable rubberized all-terrain wheels and the shell is made of high density polyethylene to support weights up to 200 lbs. We liked the comfortable height of the bar top and tower compared to using a traditional jockey box that usually sits on the ground or table top. Having a place to set down your beer helps during service and created a natural place for people to belly up to the bar. See 6 More Portable Kegerator options.

Best kegerator for mini kegs

7. SPT Mini Kegerator

The best mini kegerator

Number of taps: 1 | Location: Indoor | Temperature Range: 32 – 39 F | Maximum kegs supported: 1 – 5 Liter mini keg 

Dispenses pressurized and non-pressurized mini kegs

Beer stays fresh for 30 days

Chills mini kegs within 19 to 21 hours

Small counter footprint and low noise levels

Limited keg selection

Mini kegs come in two types (pressurized and non-pressurized) and the SPT Mini Kegerator can dispense both. Most mini kegerators can do one and not the other without an additional kit being purchased. Most commercial mini kegs you buy from the store will already be pressurized like Heineken, Bitburger  or Warsteiner. You can buy empty 5 Liter mini keg shells and fill them with homebrew or any beer you want which will be pressurized by the mini kegerator.

The SPT mini kegerator utilizes 16 gram CO2 cartridges to dispense non-pressuruzed kegs. During our pour test with this machine, one cartridge was able to dispense the entire 5 Liter mini keg with no problems.

Cons? Some foaming can be an issue with these small kegerators and kegs, but if you make sure to chill down the keg before pouring you will be ok.  Even a mini keg that seems cold to the touch when it arrives from the store has warmed up during the journey. If you attempt to pour the keg right away you will experience foaming. Let the mini keg sit a day and cool down to the proper temperature so that it will dispense without all the crazy foam.

Rosé Kegs Just Changed Your Life

Summer is so close and thanks to a very smart winery in New York, you can pour “Rosé All Day” from your kegerator. But wait that’s not all… They will delivery the Rosé keg by mail to your front door. Summer just got awesomer.

How to Rosé Kegerator

  1. Order Rosé keg from online winery.
  2. Wait for Rosé keg to arrive.
  3. Hooray! It’s here. Put it in a wine kegerator.
  4. Tap the keg and dispense with a nitrogen-CO2 gas blend.
  5. Rosé All Day.

The Rosé kegs hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, and are super easy to use and recycle. No need to return the keg after using- just add to your recycling bin! You can dispense these wine kegs using wine kegerators that use a Nitrogen and Co2 gas blend. This type of gas allows you to pour wine without much noticeable carbonation. If you prefer more bubbles…. (sparkling fizzy Rosé), you can use a regular CO2 gas to dispense. There are some cool portable keg dispensers that could easily house this wine keg and go with you to the patio, beach or pool.

Shelf-life: Rosé kegs keep up to 6 months unopened. Once tapped/opened: 2 months in a wine kegerator with a gas line attached. Chill your keg at least 3 hours before using.

Keg dimensions & weight: 23″ tall, 11″ diameter. 49 lbs.

Tracking How Many Beers You Drank Just Got (Scary) Awesome

I know that I drank four homemade IPAs last night from my home kegerator. I also know how many ounces were poured, who poured them, what time they poured them, how much beer is left in the keg and I received a badge (I think Edward Forty Hands) in the app for being awesome. This is how drinking beer with the Brewskey kegerator monitor works. It’s scary awesome.

“It tracks EVERYTHING. You can’t hide from it. You can only revel in the data.”

– said that guy by the office kegerator.

Kegerator level monitors and gadgets to track how much beer is left in your keg have been around for awhile. If you wanted to install a tracking systems in the past you had to be fairly knowledgeable with open source Arduino programming and install specialized equipment. Systems like KegBot were popular (but required a dedicated tablet and a lot of programming know-how). Those days are over. All you need now is a basic smartphone (with app), some flow sensors and a control box.

Two companies are working hard to make tracking your kegerator pours on any home kegerator a breeze. KegTron and Brewskey both make installation very simple and have some cool features that set them apart from each other. I got a first-look at both the systems to find out for myself.


First up is the Kegtron wireless monitor. It is a small box with integrated flow sensors and controller board. I like that everything is self contained and if you needed to get inside you could with a few screws removed. Setup only took a few minutes after downloading the app, naming the local Kegtron and choosing the keg size. They have various keg sizes to choose from and you can also enter in a custom size.

I spliced the kegtron into my kegerator beer tube and poured a brew. It was that simple. The app tells you how many drinks you have left in the keg. It doesn’t try to do too much. It is like having a fuel gauge for your kegerator. They have single and double tap models available, but you can pair multiple together if you have a large tap wall.

The Kegtron box is waterproof and can be mounted on the interior wall of the kegerator. Simply plug in the power adapter and it lives inside your kegerator and out of the way. The iOS and Android apps easily accommodate the home beer lover and the tap room. It’s ready to track on a single tap kegerator or a wall of twenty taps.

Available at


The brewskey system is anything but simple and I’m not saying this in a negative way. Brewskey is a cloud based, feature-rich kegerator monitoring system that has the ability to monitor keg levels, track pours and show a leaderboard of the current imbibers and their usage. The Brewskey can add a level of security to home kegerators or a commercial bar tap wall. Permissions can be set to only allow pouring for approved users. This would come in handy to keep kegerator thieves in check or keep your kids out of the kegerator.

You earn badges and reach new kegerator levels of awesome as you try new beer styles or tap a new keg. It also has a leaderboard with user tracking so you and your friends know who is putting the largest dent in the keg.


Brewskey updates automatically over wifi with the latest enhancements and fixes. When you pour a beer the Brewskey lights up green and the pour tracking begins. The number of ounces being poured is viewable on the control box that sits on the counter next to the tap.

Brewskey is in beta testing and should be ready for purchase very soon. You can see the packages they offer over at or watch their video below for more info on how it works.

Cinco De Mayo Kegerator Sale: 10% Off Keg King, $25 Off EdgeStar

We are excited about Cinco De Mayo here at the office. It is one of those holidays where the kegerator can become the center of attention. Put your favorite Mexican lager on draft or fill up a keg with margarita mix and tequila and watch the party get loco. We even slap on a magnet mustache and wrap the fridge in a pancho. In honor of this required day of fiesta, we have some great kegerator sale specials for you to assist in the Buenos Tiempos.


Keg King has quickly become one of the most popular kegerators in the market. With high quality faucets, a tower cooling fan and front digital temperature controls it’s not a mystery why they are killing it. Keg King has activated an EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF COUPON on all their units from now until midnight May 5. You won’t find this deal anywhere else, so don’t miss out. You can save $70 on this Keg King triple tap kegerator with flow control Intertap faucets.


Another great home use kegerator is the EdgeStar. They have been the go to kegerator for many years and still offer some great features at an affordable price. EdgeStar currently has a $25 OFF KEGERATOR COUPON that can be used on units over $500. If you are looking at grabbing one of the EdgeStar units make sure you use the coupon. Every little bit helps right?

You should also check out the scratch and dent units and open box kegerators. You can use the $25 off coupon on those too!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Brew Dog Turns 11

The first post ever made on the Kegerator Blog over 11 years ago was to welcome home our new Golden Retriever puppy. Guess what, he is still here and yes he does love draft beer. He still doesn’t retrieve.

He has changed a little since his first appearance, but he still has the same attitude and wild personality. In hindsight I should have named him HOPS. He never sits still and literally hops on anyone who comes in the door. We all still love you Brew Dog. Happy Birthday buddy.

So what is Brew’s favorite beer? He is no craft beer snob. The dude would drink anything put in front of him. I’ve never actually given him more than a tablespoon of any beer (poor guy) but has become partial to Bowser beer. It’s a no alcohol, no hop, broth-like bev in bottle. He goes crazy for it.

Brew’s favorite travel destination has to be South Lake Tahoe where he runs and plays in the cold water of the lake, chases teet mice up trees and barks at the locals (bears, birds, rude people).

When he’s not on vacay he is busy at work assisting in the homebrew operations at and keeping the world’s supply of peanut butter in balance.

5 New Foam Control Products to Help You Pour Better Beer From Your Kegerator

If you have a draft beer dispenser (kegerator) in your home or business you probably have experienced moments where the beer foam is out of control.  You clean your lines and scrub your faucets like a good barkeep should. So why do you still have so much foaming? This is always a tricky one to answer without knowing all the information about the kegerator setup.

Excessive beer foam can be caused by so many different things ranging from temperature swings, escaping CO2 during transport, dirty beer lines, wrong pressure setting, beer line length, temperature or hardware failure. I’ve heard and seen just about every problem you can have regarding kegerator beer foam issues.

Because foaming is such a huge problem for the average kegerator owner, companies are creating products to allow more control of the beer flow and help you solve that foam issue for good. Here’s 5 new foam control devices to help control your kegerator.

Flow Control Kegerator
The Keg King 3 Tap Flow Control Kegerator


Keg King Flow Control Kegerator

Keg King Flow Control Kegerator

Keg King has integrated flow restricting faucets into a new line of flow control kegerators. You set your CO2 tank pressure to the highest level based on the temperature and level of carbonation needed using our carbonation chart and then use each faucet’s flow controller as a secondary regulator to dispense beer at different flow rates. These Keg King kegerators also have a built-in tower chilling fan to keep temperatures balanced inside the refrigerator chamber and the draft tower.


Inline Flow Control Secondary Regulator

Inline Flow Control Secondary Regulator

Another new product that will achieve basically the same level of control is an inline flow control secondary regulator paired with an inline CO2 regulator gauge. This is a good option if you already have (and are happy with) beer faucets and don’t need to invest in expensive flow control faucet replacements.


Kegerator Flow Control Shank Adapter

Kegerator Flow Control Shank Adapter

You can also control and restrict flow using a new adaptor that mounts between the shank and faucet. The kegerator flow control shank adapter can change any faucet into a flow control faucet. The flow is adjusted using an Allen wrench and then is locked in place, so this is a more permanent solution with less ability to adjust on the fly.


Draft Tower Chiller Sleeve

Draft Tower Chiller Sleeves

Most kegerators are not equipped with a draft tower cooling fans to keep cold air blowing into the draft tower. If the beer lines extending into the tower are not cooled, they become a few degrees warmer and CO2 escapes causing more foam than wanted during the pour. The draft tower cooling sleeve paired with a tower chilling fan will reduce excessive foaming caused by temperature swings. It’s like a coozie for your tower and it will insulate and reduce condensation.


In-Line Flow Control Restrictor

In-Line Flow Control Restrictor

Add the perfect amount of restriction to any beer line to reduce foam with the In-Line Flow Control Restrictor. Eliminates the need for flow control in the faucet itself. Great for use inline with varying levels of carbonation. The biggest advantage to using one of these is that you can use shorter beer lines and still have perfect restriction or use larger ID lines and adjust as necessary.


Beer Line Length Calculator

Beer Line Length Calculator

Old dirty beer lines are a very common problem for foamy beer pours, but sometimes the length of the beer line is the issue. If you are looking to replace your beer lines and want to calculate the perfect length use the beer line length calculator.

Black Friday Kegerator Deals

These deals have expired. – Check current open box, scratch and dent and sale kegerators for the latest pricing.

Let’s just get right to it. The Edgestar Craft Beer Kegerator – 5 Gallon is selling new for $339 with Free Shipping. You can also get an OPEN BOX version of this one for $260.99 with coupon code: CYBERSALE. This is the best BLACK FRIDAY kegerator deal we have come across so far today. Check the main (Kegerator Deals page for the most recent coupons and discount codes.) You can also, save 15% on your First Order With the Credit Card.

The Arctic King Kegerator is on Rollback for $284.99 delivered.

Next, we have the highly rated and recommended Edgestar Slim Kegerator. A few options for this one.

NEW – $379 with free shipping
SCRATCH and DENT – $299.99 with free shipping


Massive Price Reduction on Edgestar Kegerators (+ Bonus Savings)

Edgestar (made by has just dropped the prices on their entire line of kegerators. We are seeing drops as large as 48% off retail price. This is ahead of normal Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and can be bundled with our current exclusive coupon for an additional $25 off at checkout if you spend over $500.

An example of savings on the 20″ Wide Edgestar Kegerator KC2000 series

Normally: $399.00
Black Friday Deal: $379.00

Normally: $449.00
Black Friday Deal: $429.00
OPEN BOX DEAL: $339.99


Single Tap Kegerators
Double Tap Kegerators
Triple Tap Kegerators
Four or More Tap Kegerators
Outdoor Rated
Build-In Ready
Commercial Grade

Put Anything on Tap with Kegco Kegerators

Kegco Kegerators now has over 50 different variations of kegerator to choose from for your home or business. You can dispense beer, wine, coffee or kombucha with a specialized Kegco kegerator. They have diversified the appliance line to include affordable home units with basic features, but also have not ignored the need for durable commercial grade units for high traffic environments like bars, hotels, brewpubs and restaurants.

First, let’s take a look at the popular Kegco residential kegerators and what they can dispense.

Meet the Residential Kegco Kegerators

Kegco Beer Kegerator Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Kegco Guiness Kegerator Kegco Javarator Kombucharator
Beer Homebrew Guinness (Stout) Cold Brew Coffee Kombucha

The standard line of home Kegco Kegerators has you covered to dispense basically any beverage you can imagine on tap. Water, sake, tea, beer, wine, soda, mead, cider, coffee… you get the idea, Kegco kegerators are versatile. All the units include a complete tapping kit to match the beverage, a large spacious interior to hold full sized kegs or multiple homebrew kegs and an external air tank mount to allow more space in the unit for beverage chilling.

Meet the Digital Residential Kegco Kegerators

Beer Homebrew Javarator (Coffee) Kombucharator

If the basic line of Kegco Kegerators isn’t enough for you, upgrade to the larger digital units featuring an LCD temperature display, stainless steel draft tower and integrated drip tray. These kegerators feature the widest temperature range of any kegerator on the market, which can be set as low as 32 degrees for ice cold beer or as high as 75 for use as a fermentation chamber when home-brewing your own beer. This is our top pick if you are looking for a solid HOMEBREW KEGERATOR that has been tested and used by actual homebrewers.

Meet the Commercial Kegco Kegerators

Commercial Indoor Kegerators

Indoor Commercial 1 Tap
Indoor Commercial 2 Tap
Indoor Commercial 3 Tap

Kegco HK38 kegerators are capable of being used free standing or built-in. Enjoy up to 3 taps to dispense any beverage you need. Every kegerator in this series is equipped with a security lock, stainless steel door and drip tray, and powerful forced air cooling technology. Each kegerator comes with shelves that can be used to convert the refrigerator into a working mini fridge if needed. The HK38’s digital temperature display easily adjusts and views the set temperature. You can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, or turn the interior light on and off with the push of a button.

Commercial Outdoor Kegerators

Outdoor Commercial 1 Tap
Outdoor Commercial 2 Tap
Outdoor Commercial 3 Tap

The outdoor rated HK38s have the same features as the indoor HK38 models, but they are built with weather resistance in mind. Complete exterior stainless steel housing, stainless steel draft tower and faucets, sealed components, and a corrosion resistant CO2 tank will keep the units running for many years of service. Awards Kegco “Best Kegerator” Brand of 2017.

Congratulations KEGCO!

Kegco has improved their entire kegerator appliance line with more choices for more types of beverage dispensing than any other manufacturer currently on the market. After reviewing hundreds of kegerator units for home and business, has chosen Kegco as the 2017 Best Kegerator Brand. Their customer service, warranty claims process, pricing and selection is by far the best in the industry.

Feel confident you are buying a kegerator that will last when you choose a Kegco Kegerator.

Building your own kegerator? also has a diverse selection of kegerator kits to choose from.


Other Kegco Products You Might Be Interested in

 Universal Commercial Kegerator Cover

Universal Commercial Kegerator Cover

LCD Display and Kegerator Thermostat Controller

LCD Display and Kegerator Thermostat Controller

Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit - Hand Pump

Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit – Hand Pump

Dual Zone Kegerators Are Here!

Introducing the Micro-Matic Dual Zone Kegerator. Finally, a kegerator that gives beer connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts more control over serving temperatures when you have multiple beverages on tap.

This is a much needed addition to the kegerator choices on the market today. There are many different applications where having two separate temperature zones can be useful.

Out of the box, these units are configured to control two zones for red and white wine. The specs state that these units can hold white wines in zone 1 at 42-48 F and red wines in zone 2 at 55-65 F. I called to confirm that these temperature ranges could be adjusted outside those stated in the specs and Micro-Matic responded that…

“Each zone’s temperature setting can be overridden and set to what ever temperature you desire. The temperature ranges listed in the specs are a preset for wine dispensing, but they can be adjusted to colder settings for other beverages such as beer.”

This is good news for homebrewers and beer drinkers wanting to dispense different styles at home. Homebrewers can actually use one side as a fermentation chamber ( for yeast starters, primary/secondary fermentation, cold crashing, diacetyl rests, conditioning) and the other side for dispensing. For those of us always wanting two or more beers on tap, the option to adjust temperatures for different beer styles gets very exciting. You can serve your Lagers, Kolsch and Wits at an ice cold temperature on one side and your Pale Ales, Porters and IPAs closer to cellaring temperatures on the other.

These dual zone kegerators are built with commercial grade materials and are extremely durable. The 1-1/2″ thick top, floor and side walls are foamed in place with high density, CFC-free polyurethane to keep temperatures stable. Below is a test done on each zone to show the liquid and air temperature changes over time.

It has a four keg capacity and can be used for beer, wine or whatever you have in the keg. You can buy these dual zone kegerators as a base fridge and build from there or buy them with up to 4 faucet towers. They come with permanently mounted casters and feature an 18 gauge stainless steel top, 22 gauge solid doors, 24 gauge steel front, sides and back. Ventilation is in the back of the unit, so the noise is low.

These Pro-Line Micro-Matic kegerators aren’t cheap and they have good reason to not be. They are built with commercial grade materials. They even have a 4 year warranty on the compressor. Consider the costs of buying separate units and equipment if you are trying to dispense wine or beer at different temperatures. This may be to kegerator you have been looking for. If not, maybe your garage is looking for this kegerator.