Here’s Why Marvel Makes the Best Built-In Kegerators

Marvel Refrigeration, a 125 year old luxury refrigeration business, has become very serious about your beer’s well-being. Other companies make kegerators, but Marvel makes the kegerators you wish you had. Many cicerones, home brewers and beer enthusiasts consider Marvel the world’s best beer dispenser and it isn’t just because they look pretty, they have features and functions like no other kegerators on the market. Let’s take a look.

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor kegerator, Marvel has you covered. They have seperatley designed an indoor and outdoor series of kegerators to make sure the money goes into the most important areas of the unit. You don’t need heavy insulated side walls for an indoor unit right? Right. So we shouldn’t pay for it unless we truly need it.

Marvel is one of the only kegerator companies to add features like audible and visual alarms when you leave the door open and a Close Door Assist System™ (think soft close) that gently and automatically closes the door instead of slamming it. The Marvel kegerators also include a flush mounted drip tray (stainless steel) with an integrated drain. You can use the included reserve bottle or port the drain anywhere you want! Smart.

An engineer on the Marvel’s design team had this to say…

“Show me any other beer dispenser that is 24 inches wide, able to fit under a standard kitchen counter top, with a 4 inch toe kick, able to hold  1/2 barrel or two 1/6 barrels with forced air auto defrost and meets ENERGY STAR® energy performance, then I will concede we might have someone who is a contender. We tuned the temperature sensor to 1/10 of one degree to get the temperature of the beer to a precise accuracy of the set point.”

Here’s the Marvel cast of characters…


Built-In Indoor Single Tap

Built-In Indoor Twin Tap

These indoor kegerators have front venting in the toe kick area, an extra long designer grab bar, and quiet operation thanks to an exclusive design enhancement to buffer and minimize sound.


Built-In Outdoor Single Tap

Built-In Outdoor Twin Tap

These outdoor kegerators have double insulated stainless steel towers, frost-free temperature management, and a thermal-efficient insulated cabinet to ensure optimum energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Marvel’s Key Kegerator Features

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENT – Marvel went beyond the required energy requirements and received an energy star rating. Marvel was challenged to reduce the energy consumption by 30% from the previous models they had designed.
  2. CO2 KNOCKOUT – CO2 knockout plug for mounting a gas tank on exterior, routing the drain outside of the kegerator or venting CO2 if you are using the unit as a temperature control chamber for fermenting beer.
  3. SECURE – All of Marvel’s refrigerators come standard with security door locks which is very much needed on outdoor beer dispensers. The kegerators also come equipped with open door arms and designer glass guard rails on specific units.
  4. DOUBLE INSULATED DRAFT TOWER – An additional layer of insulation in the draft tower ensures no exterior condensation build up and an even temperature throughout the column.
  5. FLUSH MOUNT DRIP TRAY – Ideal for under counter installations, the integrated drip tray can be used during freestanding operation or in a countertop with a cutout for the tray. The drip tray also features a drain.
  6. DESIGNER FINISHES – Style is not lost to all the technical advancements. Door top digital temperature display, long pull bars and thick stainless steel guard rails add a level of luxury usually passed over by other kegerator makers.
  7. SPACE SAVERS – A low profile keg coupler and 90 degree professional grade power cord allow the kegerators to fit a larger selection of keg sizes and tight spaces.

A TV Tap Handle For Your Kegerator

Most tap handles are boring and have no purpose other than a place for your meat hooks to grip while pulling a pint. There are a few exceptions including the Tap Boards line of chalkboard and dry erase tap handles that allow you to write or draw whatever you have on tap, but Lincoln Tech Solutions has created the first  LCD screen in a tap handle called the TV TAP – LCD Tap Handle that you can upload video or images.

It includes a full-color 4.3″ digital display, which has a touch screen so you can easily navigate the menus. The handle was designed to fit on all standard taps. Each comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of lasting 15-18 hours.

You can customize the bright LCD display with your image or video. Just drag and drop the file to their auto-converter, and your custom message will display on the bright LCD display that can be seen in any light condition.

Pre-order TV Tap – $199

A Kegerator For Your Growlers

You go to your favorite brewpub and fill up a few growlers, but soon after you get them home the beer’s carbonation quickly exits, leaving you a lifeless liquid not worth the dog’s bowl. If you want to keep the growler’s contents tasting delicious you need to keep it under pressure and away from air and light. No need to worry — Growler Chill is a countertop kegerator for dispensing growlers that does just that.

The machine purges out oxygen, fully encloses the growlers inside away from light and dispenses whatever you have in the growler under pressure. Growler Chill holds 3 standard sized growlers and is compatible with both 64 oz and 32 oz. glass growlers. If growlers are your thang, then this growlerator is your jam.

The Growler Chill is available for pre-order here —  $439.00

6 Portable Kegerators for Poolside Pints

Here are 6 of the best portable keg dispensers for pouring a brew by the pool. Visit our Portable Kegerators section to see all the available choices.

Mobile Keg Cooler

The mobile keg cooler is a portable beer keg cooler or jockey box combined with an integrated draft beer dispensing system ideal for hospitality, caterers, and breweries using them at tailgating, weddings, corporate events, and concert venues. This portable beer keg cooler improves the experience and convenience over a traditional jockey box because of its all-in-one design, easy set-up, mobility, rugged toughness, and good looks which can go and be used anywhere. This manual pump keg chiller provides a convenient indoor or outdoor mobile draft beer delivery system that pours the perfect beer.

$189.49 – More Info

Kegerator Pool Cart

The Kegerator Pool Cart is a portable kegerator that serves cold beer anywhere you need it. The cooling power of the system is provided by the integrated Summit Full Size Kegerator. The mobile keg cart kegerator will pour 80 pints per hour at 39F.

This drink station has everything you need to get the party started: one stainless steel drip tray and single tap dispense faucet, tons of storage, easy-grip travel handle, and durable mobile casters.

$4,400.00 – More Info

My New Friend III Kegerator

My New Friend® III beer dispenser allows pouring from up to three different kegs. It contains a patented heat exchange device that uses ice to cool down the beer. Simply hook up the keg(s) and add the ice – in just minutes, you’ll have delicious, chilled beer flowing through the tap(s). A built-in digital thermometer displays the exact temperature of every cold brew you pour.

$1,690.00 – More Info

My New Friend IV Kegerator

My New Friend® IV serves your favorite brew in a small footprint. Designed for smaller home or brewery bars, it is a great beverage dispensing solution when space and electricity are an issue.

$520.00 – More Info

Super Cooler Kegerator

Powered by CO2 and a shiny draft tower, this mobile draft dispenser will keep your keg cold all weekend. Our Super Cooler features blown-in-place insulation that will hold beverages ice cold with a minimum amount of ice melt down and no condensation. Rugged double wall polyethylene construction looks great and is built to last.

$897.75 – More Info

The Coolerator Kegerator

GET 10 PINTS OF YOUR FAVORITE CARBONATED BEVERAGE ON TAP! The Coolerator holds one 5-Liter mini-keg that can be filled with your favorite craft beer or mixed drink.

$249.99 – More Info

Kegerator Clearance Sale

Save up to 40% on open box draft beer kegerator dispensers. Sometime kegerators are returned unused because they didn’t fit the space, the finish didn’t match what the buyer was looking for or maybe they were used as a display model at a tradeshow. Whatever the reason, all open box kegerators are in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The kegerators are tested for quality assurance and certified “Open Box”. All “Open Box” units include a 90 day parts and labor warranty but are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return.

Check the current stock of: Open Box Kegerators

$50 off Versonel Full Keg Kegerators Beer Dispensers + Free Shipping

Get an extra $50 off the popular Stainless Steel Arctic Beer Kegerator and the Versonel LCD Display Kegerator VSL155TDSS

Use discount code SUPERKEG for $50 off and also get free shipping on these select models.

Versonel Smart+ Kegerator – Stainless Steel – SPP155BDSS – Normally $799.00, On Sale $499.99.
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Versonel LCD Beer Dispenser Kegerator – VSL155TDSS – Normally $899.99, On Sale $599.99.
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  • (LCD MODEL ONLY) Front Panel – Quick View LCD Digital Temperature Display
  • Temperature Adjustment  – ranges from 34 degrees to mid 40’s.
  • Sleek black finish with stainless steel door
  • Space Saver – CO2 tank stores conveniently inside the refrigerator so unit can be placed flush to wall
  • Chrome guard rail to house tap and drip tray unit
  • Holds various sized kegs
  • 4 removable Caster Wheels with locks for ease of movement
  • Single Black Tap Tower and Chrome Tap Front with ‘snap back’ springs
  • 2 Piece Stainless Steel top Drip Tray
  • Easy installation instructions included
  • Can convert easily to a standard 6cf  bar fridge (2 internal wire shelves included)
  • Note: Beer and Gas not included.
  • Huge Capacity of 6 cu. ft.

Keg King Kegerators Now Available on


Keg King is the latest brand now available on with three versions of their homebrew focused line of kegerators. Keg King has packed these units with new features not often found in today’s basic kegerators. The biggest stand out are the forward sealing stainless steel faucets. These are not offered on any other kegerators that we are aware of.

First, they have included an extremely powerful and efficient compressor that can chill your beer down to 26 F (Not that you would want to, but you have the option.) The Keg King Series 4 Kegerators also include a tower chilling fan, digital temperature controls, onboard temperature memory, Intertap taps, glassware rack, drip tray and a huge 5.8 cu. ft. capacity. This gives you plenty of room to ferment multiple carboys and dispense various size kegs at the same time. The CO2 tank is mounted on the back of the unit, giving you even more space inside for kegs.


Keg King Series 4 Single Tap Kegerator – (exterior mounted CO2 tank and interior mounted glass rack)

Keg King Series 4 Dual Tap Kegerator – (large interior space for fermenting or converts to normal refrigerator with racks)

Keg King Series 4 Three Faucet Kegerator – (internal tower chilling fan and included Intertap forward seal stainless faucets)

Open Box Kegerator for $204 Ships Free

UPDATE: THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED (check our current open box kegerator inventory here)

This new open box kegerator is going for $204 and it ships free. This is an open box unit of the popular Craft Beer Kegerator KC1000SS that normally sells for $379. The unit has a small footprint, comes with all the dispensing components and can chill your beer to as low as 32°F.

5 Gallon Craft Brew Kegerator Stainless Steel Door$204 (Guaranteed Same Day Shipping)

kc1000ss_002The item description states…

This “Open Box” product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified “Open Box”. Please note that all “Open Box” units include a 90 day parts and labor warranty but are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return.


Big Price Drop on 1 and 2 Tap Insignia Kegerators

Insignia is an exclusive brand (highly rated) at Best Buy and today they have dropped the online prices on both the One Tap Insignia Kegerator and the Two Tap Insignia Kegerator.

1 Tap Insignia Kegerator is normally, $499.99, but today is on sale for $349 + Free Shipping

2 Tap Insignia Kegerator is normally $649.99, but today is on sale for $399 + Free Shipping



Save Big on This Craft Beer Kegerator


The very popular EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Beer Kegerator (normally $370) is on sale today with an OPEN BOX ($299.99) and also a SCRATCH and DENT ($239) version.

This kegerator has one of the smallest footprints on the market and is perfect to dispense smaller 5 to 7 gallon commercial kegs and homebrew style kegs.

Key Features:

  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Digital temperature control and display
  • Interior light
  • Door lock
  • All beer dispensing components included