Brew Dog Turns 11

The first post ever made on the Kegerator Blog over 11 years ago was to welcome home our new Golden Retriever puppy. Guess what, he is still here and yes he does love draft beer. He still doesn’t retrieve.

He has changed a little since his first appearance, but he still has the same attitude and wild personality. In hindsight I should have named him HOPS. He never sits still and literally hops on anyone who comes in the door. We all still love you Brew Dog. Happy Birthday buddy.

So what is Brew’s favorite beer? He is no craft beer snob. The dude would drink anything put in front of him. I’ve never actually given him more than a tablespoon of any beer (poor guy) but has become partial to Bowser beer. It’s a no alcohol, no hop, broth-like bev in bottle. He goes crazy for it.

Brew’s favorite travel destination has to be South Lake Tahoe where he runs and plays in the cold water of the lake, chases teet mice up trees and barks at the locals (bears, birds, rude people).

When he’s not on vacay he is busy at work assisting in the homebrew operations at and keeping the world’s supply of peanut butter in balance.

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