Rosé Kegs Just Changed Your Life

Summer is so close and thanks to a very smart winery in New York, you can pour “Rosé All Day” from your kegerator. But wait that’s not all… They will delivery the Rosé keg by mail to your front door. Summer just got awesomer.

How to Rosé Kegerator

  1. Order Rosé keg from online winery.
  2. Wait for Rosé keg to arrive.
  3. Hooray! It’s here. Put it in a wine kegerator.
  4. Tap the keg and dispense with a nitrogen-CO2 gas blend.
  5. Rosé All Day.

The Rosé kegs hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, and are super easy to use and recycle. No need to return the keg after using- just add to your recycling bin! You can dispense these wine kegs using wine kegerators that use a Nitrogen and Co2 gas blend. This type of gas allows you to pour wine without much noticeable carbonation. If you prefer more bubbles…. (sparkling fizzy Rosé), you can use a regular CO2 gas to dispense. There are some cool portable keg dispensers that could easily house this wine keg and go with you to the patio, beach or pool.

Shelf-life: Rosé kegs keep up to 6 months unopened. Once tapped/opened: 2 months in a wine kegerator with a gas line attached. Chill your keg at least 3 hours before using.

Keg dimensions & weight: 23″ tall, 11″ diameter. 49 lbs.

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