Introducing the uKeg™ Handheld Kegerator for Fresh Beer

Instantly turn any draft beer source into a portable handheld kegerator. With vacuum insulated stainless steel and a pressurization cap your beer stays deliciously cold, brewery fresh, and perfectly carbonated. The uKeg, by GrowlerWerks,  allows you to share your favorite beer or homebrew with your friends, straight from your refrigerator, ice cave, frozen pond or favorite beer cooler.

The uKeg is available in 128 oz and 64 oz sizes. It comes in stainless steel or a bright copper-plated finish. Like most growlers on the market today, these are durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel, but they have a CO2 regulator cap with customizable tap handle and gauge. Easy to carry, the uKeg is outfitted with a brass carrying handle and comes with two 16 gram or 8 gram CO2 cartridges depending on the size.

64 oz. Copper Kegerator Growler

128 oz. Copper Kegerator Growler

128 oz Stainless Steel Kegerator Growler

64 oz. Kegerator Growler

A Kegerator For Your Growlers

You go to your favorite brewpub and fill up a few growlers, but soon after you get them home the beer’s carbonation quickly exits, leaving you a lifeless liquid not worth the dog’s bowl. If you want to keep the growler’s contents tasting delicious you need to keep it under pressure and away from air and light. No need to worry — Growler Chill is a countertop kegerator for dispensing growlers that does just that.

The machine purges out oxygen, fully encloses the growlers inside away from light and dispenses whatever you have in the growler under pressure. Growler Chill holds 3 standard sized growlers and is compatible with both 64 oz and 32 oz. glass growlers. If growlers are your thang, then this growlerator is your jam.

The Growler Chill is available for pre-order here —  $439.00

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