Here’s How Nor-Lake Kegerators Are Superior

Not your average commercial grade beer coolers. Nor-Lake kegerators feature slide-out condensing units with inexpensive and easy-to-repair capillary tube refrigeration systems. This may not seem like a feature to get excited about, but commercial kegerators are usually put in high traffic areas that get a lot of wear and tear. Having the ability to easily repair the major cooling components should be an important deciding factor when choosing a professional grade kegerator. Their behind-the-bar series of keg refrigeration units, AdvantEDGE, seems designed to simply perform their intended function reliably: to preserve and cool our favorite beers.Nor-Lake Kegerators


Features That Stand Out

Interior light

Locking doors

Heavy duty 5″ wheels

Warranty: 3 Year Parts / 5 Year Compressor

Many Shapes and Sizes

Versatility in keg capacity and draft tower/tap options make the Nor-Lake kegerator brand a great choice for commercial and residential installs. You can choose a single keg beer cooler all the way up to a 5 (half barrel) keg holding capacity depending on your needs.

Model Doors # of Towers/Taps Electrical Amps NEMA Plug HP Refrigerant Keg Capacity
DD24 1
DD59 2
R-134a 2
DD69 2
R-134a 3
DD79 3
5-15P 1/3 R-134a 4
DD95 3
5-15P 3/8 R-134a 5


Coiled Draft Tower Air Hose and Ported Drip Tray

All of the Nor-lake beer coolers are equipped with a handy 1″ plastic air hose that supplies cool air up the draft column to assure the beer remains cold in the tower lines. A side benefit is the continuous cold keeps mold and bacteria growth inside the beer faucet at an absolute minimum. The drip tray is also outfitted with a port that can be directed to a bottle or sink drain permanently.

The Nor-Lake AdvantEDGE Kegerator Beer Coolers

Nor lake AdvantEDGE Kegerator Beer Cooler

Nor Lake AdvantEDGE 59 Kegerator Beer Cooler

Nor Lake AdvantEDGE 69 Kegerator Beer Cooler

Nor Lake AdvantEDGE 79 Kegerator Beer Cooler

Nor Lake AdvantEDGE 95 Kegerator Beer Cooler

New Digital Kegerator with DEEP CHILL Feature

You just bought a keg and rush to get it home and into your kegerator, but the traffic and rising temperatures outside are not working in your favor. As beer travels, it gets agitated releasing gas into the headspace of the keg and this causes foam. As the temperature of the beer rises the foaming issue only gets worse. OH BUMMER!

Yes, we must chill and the team at EdgeStar Kegerators is working hard to solve these problems with their new DIGITAL kegerator which includes a DEEP CHILL feature. Think of it as an overdrive button for your beer dispensing hot rod.


The DEEP CHILL feature kicks the compressor into overdrive when pressed and sends it back into regular cooling mode when pressed again. This will quickly cool down your keg and allow any escaped gasses to equalize back into the beer faster. EdgeStar keeps bringing the innovation and the new KC3000 Line of Kegerators with digital LCD, spacious refrigeration compartment and high quality dispensing equipment is no exception.

Digital Kegerator KC3000 in Black

Digital Kegerator KC3000 in Stainless Steel


Mini Kegerators and Beer Tubes Make Great Birthday Gifts

Birthdays.  They come around year after year and are always met with celebration – and gifts.  The good news is that birthdays deserve to be celebrated.  After all, each new birthday means that another year has successfully been completed and the birthday recipient is embarking on a fresh new year in their life.  The bad news, however, is that after awhile, people run out of birthday gift ideas for friends and family members, and rather than birthday gift giving being something enjoyable, it can turn into a chore.

If you’re looking for an interesting gift idea for the people in your life, how about getting them a mini draft beer dispenser or a beer tube?  Of course, it would make sense that you would only get this type of gift for those who enjoy drinking beer, but for those that do, mini kegerators can be a great and fun gift that will be met with lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs”.

A mini kegerator is a very small refrigerator that houses a 5 liter size mini keg of beer.  The refrigerated portion keeps the beer cold and tasting fresh, and there is a beer tap on the exterior of the appliance that dispenses the beer, much in the same way you would have a draught beer dispensed at a bar.  These small appliances are reasonably priced (in the neighborhood of $100 – $300 or so) and are an attractive addition to any home bar, family room, game room or even kitchen counter.  Most mini kegerator models come in a sleek stainless steel design and resemble the looks of an upscale coffee maker or espresso machine.

The great thing about buying a mini kegerator as a birthday gift is that unless your friend or family member is a huge beer enthusiast that is always seeking out the newest gadgets, the chances are probably pretty good that they don’t already own a mini kegerator of their own.  So, rather than them trying to look appreciative even though the gift you bought them is something they already have or aren’t really interested in, the gift of a mini kegerator is sure to please.  If you combine the purchase with a 5 liter mini keg, not only does the kegerator serve as a gift, but it can be part of the birthday celebration as well!

For those that are looking for a birthday gift that is even more unique, a beer tube may fit the bill.  Beer tubes are fun and interesting looking “tubes” that can be filled with beer and have a themed or decorative bottom with a small tap on them.  They are a great conversation piece on a bar or in a family room and can be filled with up to 100 ounces of beer (or around eight 12oz glasses) to be shared with friends or imbibed alone.  Beer tubes come in a selection of popular themes, such as baseball or bowling for sports enthusiasts, or in more subtle designs made of wood or stainless steel.  These quirky beer dispensers add a festive mood to any get-together and are truly a conversation starter.

So, the next time you are at a loss for what to get as a birthday gift for friends and family, assuming they enjoy drinking beer, consider buying a mini kegerator or a beer tube for a birthday gift they won’t soon forget.