15 Smarter Kegerator Things

For a a little extra boost of awesome

Some people like to upgrade their cars with shiny accessories and big tires. For me, the kegerator is my hot rod and I love adding new smart gadgets and useful devices to make my brewing and beer drinking experience more fun.

There is a new wave of "smart" internet-ready devices for basically any type of appliance out there. Need a smart egg tray to send you a text alert when eggs are running low? No. You probably don't, but its still a pretty cool feat of engineering.

Some of these devices can be used to up your kegerator's smarts, and some equally as smart low-tech gadgets can give your kegerator a little extra boost of awesome.

You can use your smartphone to control your washer and dryer or monitor how much milk you have left in the refrigerator, so why not your home draft beer dispenser? You could ask devices like Alexa or Google Home how much beer do I have left in the kegerator? Is my CO2 tank running low? Hey Google... Can you tell me the temperature in the kegerator?

Here are 15 smart things you should add to your draft beer kegerator.

smart kegerator list

1. A Brain for Your Kegerator

Keg Smarts KegSmarts mounts on most kegerator towers and allows you to precisely control the beer serving temperature and display detailed information about each beer on tap. With the KegPlate and CO2 KegPlate accessories, KegSmarts can tell you how much beer and CO2 you have left.

2. Write Erase Tap Handle

Write Erase Tap Handle Having only one tap handle that you can write, erase and reuse is smart. Very smart. Don't waste good storage space with a clutter of tap handles. All you need is one and a piece of chalk to show what you have on tap.

3. Beer Faucet with Changeable Spouts

Beer Faucet with Changeable Spouts This has to be the smartest beer faucet on the market. It's made of 304 stainless steel and has multiple spout options for various tasks. Its like a Swiss army knife for your kegerator with interchangeable tips for pouring stout beers, filling growlers and connecting to homebrew kegs.

4. Kegerator LCD Display and Temperature Controller

Kegerator Temperature Display Most kegerators do not come outfitted with a temperature display, but you can easily add one with no modifications. This is a plug and play LCD kegerator display that drops a probe inside the kegerator and connects to an LCD display you can attach anywhere you would like to see the current temperature. Smart and easy.

5. Kegerator Chalkboard Magnet

Kegerator Chalkboard Magnets These large kegerator chalkboard magnets stick to the front or side of any kegerator with a metal door or frame. Draw something inspiring or write the menu. You're smart, so use it wisely.

6. SmartThings Kegerator Sensor (Temp, Humidity, Motion)

SmartThings Kegerator Sensor If you don't already know about the Samsung SmartThings Hub then you need to drop what you are doing and spend about $89 to open your home up to a huge world of automation and fun. The SmartThings hub acts as mission control for your home security (sensors, alarms, cameras), lights and door locking automation, central heat and air control, voice commands using Alexa or Google home and the list goes on and on.

Once you have the SmartThings hub up and running you can add in a very useful kegerator sensor that could do things like this... Send push notifications to your smartphone with the current temperature and humidity levels, detect if the door has been opened or closed via its motion detection and sound an alarm or you could ask Alexa or Google Home what the temperature is in the kegerator. Genius!

7. Keg Volume Monitor

Keg Volume Monitor The Ball and Keg system is made for homebrew style kegs that open up with a flip top lid. Small floating magnet balls connect through the metal keg wall and follow the current liquid level to show you how much beer is left. Low tech, but very smart indeed.

8. In-line Flavor Infuser

In-line Flavor Infuser Boosting the flavor of any kegged beverage is easy and fun using an in-line kegerator flavor infuser. You can stuff the filter with hops, peppers, cinnamon sticks, fresh citrus or really anything you can think up. The infusion device splices into the beer line between the keg and the faucet and can be reused indefinitely.

9. No-Mold Beer and Air Line

No-Mold Beer and Air Line Some smart scientists helped all of us keep the mold and mildew down in our draft lines. The antimicrobial & PVC free tubing helps keep your beer tasting fresher, longer! Available for beer and air lines.

10. Humidity Absorber

Humidity Absorber Ice build up on condenser coils is never any fun and having to unplug and defrost a kegerator each month gets old. Throw one of these Eva-dry renewable dehumidifiers inside your kegerator and it will take care of it. Simply plug it in the wall when it tells you it needs to be renewed and within hours its ready to go again.

11. Wireless Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Wireless Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor If you spend your life on the phone then you will probably find this wireless bluetooth temperature monitor handy. You can monitor the humidity levels and temperature of your kegerator on the go using your smartphone and the free iOS or android app. Allows you to deal with humidity levels before they become an issue. Also a very useful temperature monitor for home beer and wine makers to use when fermenting inside a kegerator.

12. Draft Tower Fan Blower

Draft Tower Fan Blower Fight the Foam! Pushing cold air up into the draft tower can help reduce foaming during the pour. A quick and easy install of this cooling draft tower fan blower and the lines that extend into the tower will stay evenly chilled.

13. LED Battery Powered Push Light

LED Battery Powered Push Light How many times have I cursed God because I couldn't see what I was doing while swapping out a CO2 tank or connecting lines to a keg. Time to lower the levels of keg rage and turn on the light. A simple stick-on LED push button light is all you need to spread some light on the subject.

14. Draft Tower Koozie

Draft Tower Koozie Bottles and cans shouldn't have all the fun. Now you can add a warm and cozy koozie to your draft beer tower. This added insulation helps regulate the temperatures of the draft lines running up from the keg and reduce condensation collection on the outside of the tower.

15. TV Tap Handle

TV Tap Handle Now the smarties have thought of everything! Display videos or images on a 4.3" digital display with the TV tap handle. It's battery powered and can run 18 hours before needing a recharge.