21 Kick Ass Kegerators

That People Actually Made

The human race is truly amazing. If you ever doubt that for a moment, step back and marvel at the glory of the DIY kegerator. People have created some of the most insane, amazing, craziest, outrageous, impressive, weirdest and undeniably awesome kegerators with nothing but sprinkler parts, duct tape and a little magic. BEHOLD the top 21 most kick ass kegerators we have ever seen.

Star Wars Kegerator

Star Wars kegerator

Mailbox Kegerator

Mailbox kegerator

Trash Can Kegerator

Trash can kegerator

VW Bus Kegerator

VW Bus kegerator

Robot Kegerator

Robot kegerator

Fire Hydrant Kegerator

Fire Hydrant kegerator

Barrel Kegerator

Barrel kegerator

Snowman Kegerator

Snowman kegerator

Gas Pump Kegerator

Gas Pump kegerator

Piano Kegerator (complete with skulls)

Piano kegerator

Arcade Kegerator

Arcade kegerator

Amp Kegerator

Amp kegerator

Toolbox Kegerator

Toolbox kegerator

Furnace Kegerator

Furnace kegerator

Lamp Post Kegerator

Lamp Post kegerator

Fire Extinguisher Kegerator

Fire Extinguisher kegerator

Phone Booth Kegerator (What's a phone booth?)

Phone Booth kegerator

Barn Kegerator

Barn kegerator

Motorcycle Kegerator

Motorcycle kegerator

18 Wheeler Kegerator

18 Wheeler kegerator

Cave Kegerator

Cave kegerator