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Perlick Kegerator HP15TS1R

Model: HP15TS1R    
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The Perlick Kegerator HP15TS1R with full 1/2 barrel size capacity, outdoor UL approved with full auto defrost offers everything you could ask for in a kegerator. Get draft beer on tap in your home with the Perlick Kegerator HP15TS1R.

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Designed with fully integrated depth to allow flush fit with surrounding cabinetry

Zero-clearance hinging allows for abutment with surrounding cabinetry

With 3/4"" wood overlay, the unit will stand flush with cabinetry

Best in class 700 BTU commercial grade compressor

Front-vented, forced air refrigeration system

Industry Exclusive commercial grade stainless steel interior in 15"" units

Maintenance free automatic cycle defrost

Refrigeration system keeps beer at perfect serving temp

Complete, self contained beer system

Portable drainer, no plumbing required

Will hold one 1/6 pony keg