Kegerator Accessories

Kegerator Service Repair Kit

Model: DSK-1000    

The Kegerator Repair Kit DRFTRPR-KIT allows you to make minor repairs to home or commercial draft systems, in one complete kit. Fix your kegerator with a Kegerator Repair Kit DRFTRPR-KIT.

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1 Instant Read Pocket Thermometer

6 Screw Clamps

6 Beer Line Rubber Washers

2 Body Seals for US Sankey Keg Couplers

2 Replacement Rubber Check Valves for Couplers

1 Beer Faucet - Hex Nut Wrench

1 Beer Faucet Cleaning Brush

2 Faucet Body Gaskets

6 Nylon Washers for CO2 Regulator

1 Brass Faucet Lever