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Edgestar Homebrew Kegerator - KC2000HMBREW

Model: KC2000HMBREW    
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The Edgestar Homebrew Kegerator - KC2000HMBREW gets your homebrew on draft in your home and is a favorite among home brewers and specialty beer drinkers. Get draft beer on tap in your home with the Edgestar Homebrew Kegerator.

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5.1 cu. ft. Edgestar Homebrew Kegerator stores two homebrew 5 gallon sized corny kegs

Homebrew kegerator includes homebrew ball-lock keg conversion kit (beer and gas MFL disconnects, gaskets, clamps and fittings)

Beer lines, tower, faucets, handles, and hoses are NSF approved and USA-made

Other cool stuff: casters, drip tray and 5 lb. C02 tank included

Start kegging your homebrew!