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2 Tap Digital Wine Kegerator Keg Dispenser - Stainless Steel

Model: AH_99-0031-DW    
$895.98 $999.00

An all stainless steel double tap wine kegerator with digital controls and a built in drip tray. Dispense two different wines using a nitrogen gas mix with the included air tank and regulator.

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Double tap wine kegerator to dispense wine kegs with mixed gas

All stainless steel components

Stainless Steel Dual Wine Faucet Draft Tower

2 Stainless Steel Wine Faucets

(2) 5 foot wine lines with Swivel MFL Connection

Gas Line with MFL swivel fittings

Taprite Nitrogen Regulator

Digital Stainless Steel Refrigerator with Built-In Drip Tray

Internal Dimensions: 28.125 H x 21.125 W x 19.375 D in.

External Dimensions: 24 x 25 x 35 in.


Keg Capacity

Oversized Keg Does Not Fit

Oversized Keg

Does Not Fit

Full Size Keg

Full-Size Keg

Fits (1) - Half Barrel Keg

Pony Keg

Pony Keg

Fits (1) - Pony Keg

Slim Pony Keg

Slim-Pony Keg

Fits (2) - Quarter Barrel Kegs

Sixth Barrel

Sixth Barrel Keg

Fits (2) - Sixth Barrel Kegs

Cornelius Keg

Cornelius Keg

Fits (2) - Homebrew Kegs