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Posted:  20 Aug 2012 09:28
Okay so I just bought a Nostalgic kegerator...put everything together last night.  I come home today to find my co2 is nearly gone....I guess I didn't tighten everything properly.  So I re did the whole line system with new fittings and what not...

My brand new keg of Bud Light (no haters!) I'm sure has got to be ruined.  I looked in the fridge today to see my pressure was near 40 psi.  I blead the keg and the tank down to nothing.  Re pressurize the keg with the lowest setting on the gauge control knob and the keg automatically pressurizes to 20lb. 

I cannot get this thing to 8-12 psi for the life of me. 

Is it because I'm not using the 2.5lb pound co2 that came with the kegerator?  I'm using 5lb.  Both are 3000psi max so I can't see it being that, but then again, this is all new to me.
Posted:  21 Aug 2012 01:18
Fixed the problem....closed the valve on the co2 tank to decrease pressure.
Posted:  29 Dec 2012 03:00
Flow and Co2 issue.  Set up brand new Kegerator last night.  Everything seemed fine.  Though there was a bit much foam.  We kind of figured because the kegs were stirred up a bit.  Today there is NO FLOW and the when the co2 is turned on, the regulator won't allow us to adjust it so it goes right up to the max 60 psi.  I have a feeling the regulator is bad.  Any help or advice would be great!!1   Thanks
Posted:  30 Dec 2012 23:33
Having the same problem.  Have a Nostalgic kegorator.  Finally got the psi to set at 12 but now I have no flow.  Really need some advice here.