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Question for the expertWhere do you set the pressure on a co2 regulator?

Question for the expert Most CO2 regulators have a screw on the front of the device which allows you to set the pressure. You will need a good sized flathead screwdriver, in most cases, in order to adjust the pressure. Turning the screw clockwise will allow more pressure, and widdershins will diminish the pressure. Tiny turns of the screw can have a big result, so be careful as you adjust. You may want to release the pressure on the keg side manually in order to “dial in” the pressure before attaching the gas line to the keg.

Question for the expert How many kegs can one co2 tank power?

Question for the expert In theory, a CO2 tank can power many kegs. The size of your CO2 tank is the main limiting factor. One 5lb. CO2 tank should hold enough gas to serve 5-7 kegs. This ratio holds true for larger CO2 tanks as well. Therefore, a 10 lb. tanks will serve 10-14, a 15 lb. tank 15-20, and a 20 lb. tanks 20-25 kegs worth of beer.

Question for the expert Where can you get co2 tanks filled?

Question for the expert CO2 tanks can be filled at a variety of locations, but the most common ones are welding supply stores. These stores have a variety of gases, including CO2, and they will re-fill your tank for you. See our keg beer directory.

Question for the expert Should you freeze your co2 tank before getting it filled?

Question for the expert Not necessary. As the tank is being filled, it will cool off due to the very cold liquid gas content that is filling it. However, it is a good idea to keep your CO2 tank cold while dispensing beer with it. This will prevent any temperature fluctuations which may affect the flow of your draft beer.

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