Top 12 Kegerator Must-Haves

What your kegerator doesn't come with, but needs to make it a stronger animal

When you buy a kegerator it usually comes with a beer dispensing accessories kit that includes the usual cleaning kit, CO2 tank, beer and air line and a keg tap, but what about what it doesn't come with? Here are the top 12 items your kegerator needs in order to make it the best machine possible. Some are under $0.50, but can make a big difference.

Kegerator Must Have Items

Eva-Dry Dehumidifier ($23). Antimicrobial Beer and Gas Line Conversion Kit ($30) Chalkboard Tap Handle ($60). Beer Faucet Cover ($0.41). Regulator Gauge Protectors ($4). Liquid Thermometer ($30). Growler Filling Tube ($9). Digital Temperature Controller ($80). Stainless Steel Beer Line Upgrade Kit ($114). Hop & Fruit Flavor Infuser ($59). Stainless Steel Refrigerator Door Lock Kit ($28). Kegerator Beer Tower Fan Kit ($64).