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Browse our selection of specialty kegerators with cool features. Custom kegerators including walk in beer caves and keg refrigerators with flat screen TV mounts.

Winerator - Wine by the Keg System
Winerator - Wine by the Keg System
  • Wine keg dispenser for pouring wine by the glass in the comfort of your home
  • Each wine keg (or cask) holds the same amount of wine as approximately 26 (750ml) bottles
  • The home wine tap system cuts costs, increases wine freshness and reduces the amount of waste caused by bottles and corks
  • 304 stainless steel dispensing hardware ensure your wine is completely protected from oxygen permeation
  • Both red & white wine temperature capabilities
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$799.00* $1,065.33* 48.5 H x 20.1 W x 24.81 D in. (with tower)* 81.6 lbs* 1 Year* Yes*

Additional Draft Beer Equipment
Diamond Plate Kegerator with Cabinet
Diamond Plate Kegerator with Cabinet
  • Includes single full sized keg refrigerator and all the plumbing hardware with CO2 cylinder.
  • Diamond Plate Kegerator Cabinet shown with Flatscreen TV (tv not included).
  • Mounting space available for TV / Monitors up to 44" wide.
  • Garage Fabricators cabinets are fabricated of powdercoated steel and aluminum with integrated 6" phenolic casters welded to the base.
  • The casters are rated to 1,500 lbs. each.
  • From the load capacity of the casters, the theoretical capacity of the cart is 6,000 lbs!
  • These cabinets are built for the person who believes that their garage is not just a place "to park the car".
  • These cabinets are manufactured to be completely modular and adjustable.
  • Model # GFDP-KEG
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$1,999.99* $2,349.99* 48W x 24D x72H inches* 235 lbs* 5 Year Limited* No*

Beer Cave Kegerator
Beer Cave Kegerator
  • The ultimate walk-in beer cave kegerator / brew cave kegerator
  • Complete beer dispensing kit included
  • Modular panel design allows you to arrange shelving to fit your needs
  • Four inch insulation
  • Can hold over 30 cases of beer
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$7,412.95* $9,999.99* 6ft. 10in. W x 7ft. 6in H x 4ft. 10in D* N/A lbs* 1-10 Years* No*

Guinness Kegerator BM23B-GUIN
Guinness Kegerator BM23B-GUIN
  • Black Beverage Air BM-23 Keg Refrigerator which will hold a half keg of Guinness
  • Chrome stout faucet (No Guinness logos on it)
  • Regular chrome faucet head in case you want to dispense beers other than Guinness
  • Guinness keg coupler
  • Double gauge nitrogen regulator
  • Air line jumper for the regulator
  • Nitrogen regulator to CO2 air tank adapter
  • Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit
  • Refrigerator Thermometer
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$1,949.99* $2,299.99* 24W x 37 1/2H x 28 1/2D* 167 lbs* 1 Year* No*

Freedom Kegerator - Battery Powered
Freedom Kegerator - Battery Powered
  • A Cold, Cordless & Portable Kegerator
  • Digital temperature control
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Polished stainless steel single faucet draft tower
  • Continuous air-cooling of draft tower for a cold first pour
  • Flush mount stainless steel drip tray with interior drain bottle
  • Convenient easy access storage space for gas cylinder and serving cups
  • Heavy-duty castors for easy mobility
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$2,739.00* $3,000.00* 40H x 42-1/8W x 27-3/4D inches* 250 lbs* 1 Year* No*

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