And the Winner Is... The March of the Kegerator

2007 Summer Kegerator Givaway Contest Winning Essay

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that it involves what seems like a million details. This is particularly true when the bride and groom are beer lovers. While the bride talked to her caterers about the dishes for a late summer wedding dinner, the groom argued with his favorite publicans about the ultimate five beers to serve a large and diverse collection of guests. While the bride was poring over catalogues from Crate and Barrel & Pottery Barn to find items for her registry, the groom designed a beer registry at his favorite bottle shop, careful to select beers that would educate and challenge both the gift givers and the happy couple.

March of the Kegerator

So as the effort accumulated, hours turning into days, scores of phone calls to breweries local and out of state, groom settles on the five perfect beers for such an august occasion and obtains the kegs. Imagine his horror then, when mere days before the wedding, the caterer informs him that they have no provision for five kegs of beer never mind that the groom's intentions in this matter were stated from day 1 and that he will have to provide the garbage cans and ice for each. And let's not forget this is Labor Day weekend. This will not do, groom thinks, my wedding day cannot be confused with a fraternity party. Will my guests feel compelled to pay $5 for their cups? So detail battle plans are hastily drawn up, groomsmen are deployed as strike force teams, locating and securing kegerators for every perfect beer selected. In the groom's mind, nothing less is acceptable.

It all comes together without a hitch. Well, almost. One of the teams, in a stroke of genius, decides to divert their kegerator, including contents, to the hotel where the men were to be hunkered down for the day-before festivities. Now, this particular hotel is a very upscale and staid establishment, not particularly keen on the idea of the aforementioned frat party being held within its walls. And in their gravest misstep of the day, the strike force team bribes a harried doorman, who attempts to send the kegerator though the guest lobby. This quickly escalates to a sit-down confab between the hotel's general manager and the groom, with negotiations ensuing about the use of said kegerator. Pleasantries are exchanged, oaths are sworn, and d'tente is achieved. The kegerator can join the men! And frosty cold draught beer is enjoyed that evening.

The wedding was not being held at the hotel, so the next morning discussion broke out among the men as to how the diverted kegerator would rejoin its brethren. The groom, being a resourceful man, decides that the best way was for the kegerator to be rolled, pushed and carried the 4 blocks to the wedding site. That is how our wedding pictures ended up including all of the groomsmen, dressed to play their parts, forming a phalanx to protect and guide the determined groom in his efforts to push the kegerator the entire distance.

And a happy marriage was to be, as the bride understood perfectly what life would be like in the future after witnessing these exploits.

Letters From the CKO

Congratulations! You are the 2007 Summer Kegerator Giveaway contest winner. Out of the 1000's of entries submitted, yours was the most deserving essay. We raise our glass to you my friend and wish you well in your future kegerator adventures.


Chief Kegerator Officer

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