4 Events to Co-Host with Your Kegerator

There's plenty of times our kegerator, Kevin, has come to the rescue as the best party co-host in town. Kevin has done an outstanding job of helping us make new friends and keep the old. He is silver (stainless) and he serves cold homebrew, fizzy water, sparkling wine and much more. Kevin is best friends with our golf cart, Tom Kite. Together, Kevin and Tom help us co-host events and just make life a lot more fun. Here a few event ideas to put your kegerator (whatever it's name is) to good use.

Event: Baby Brew-B-Q

Let's be real. We all hate baby showers a little bit. I mean, we're happy for the parents, but the endless present opening of onesies, the oohs and ahhs, the polite hostesses who doesn't provide alcohol because Mommy can't drink - we're tired of it! Host your own Baby Brew-B-Q! I mean, co-host with your kegerator.

Make this a co-ed event, so the women can politely ooh and ahh while sipping the house Hefeweizen, and the men sip and savor the latest sour ale. But don't think the men are off the hook that easily - remember this is called a Brew-B-Q. All male chefs will be busy manning the grill. Now, if you plan on having multiple children, you probably want to invest in this Split Zone Beer and Wine Kegerator. People will never get tired of showering your family with baby gifts when they can freely pull from your beer and wine kegs all night.

How a Kegerator Made This Better: You've doubled the party size to include the Dads and win them over with complete access to your kegerator. They'll probably buy you a better gift. Does a rib chew toy count as a better gift? It's BPA free! All the Dads are going to request a kegerator for Father's Day and all the Moms will oblige if it means they can host a party.

Event: Bunco

BUNCO! Dice, bells and screaming! Every month, we show up with the pretense of being competitive, but we really love to trade in the routine of doing laundry and making dinner for throwing dice, throwing back wine, and laughing with the ladies. The game is simple, but the party planning and wine purchasing can be overwhelming. When it's your turn to host, turn to the best co-host possible: the winerator. The amazing wine kegerator can hold 26 bottles of vino! Think of all the bottle waste you'll be reducing! Plus you won't have to keep showing your neighbor how to use your fancy wine opener. All your guests will have immediate access to quality, chilled wine. And with a dual tap winerator, you can have both red and white on tap. Bonus: when you're enjoying endless hours of vino with friends, your spouse is binge watching the shows that you normally can barely stand. Hopefully, your winerator will also help you tomorrow when you have to watch the next episodes with him. I bet he cleaned up your bunco mess, so you probably owe him.

How a Kegerator Made This Better: The newest additions to the Bunco group will have so much fun and admire all your detailed party planning. They'll want to host you at their homes ASAP. You and your co-host provided all the party fun, which should be a reminder to others that unless the invitation says "potluck," a good host provides everything you need for the night. (Be sure to order the Uber for these winos).

Event: Iron Chef Block Party

You and your neighbors have some friendly food competition going: who has the better burger? You. Who bakes a better Oatmeal cookie? The neighbor's wife. Who makes better homebrew? Definitely you (and the neighbors agree on this). But to put the burger and oatmeal cookie feuds to the test, you and your homebrew kegerator will co-host an Iron Chef face off with the neighbor's family. Your kegerator will be providing the secret ingredient: homebrew. Divide spouses into A and B. Spouses A have 60 minutes to make an entree and side dish for the families. Spouses B will have previously had 90 minutes to make a dessert to share. Now, no one in either of these families can act as judges obviously. So host a neighborhood block party and invite some (unbiased) neighbors over to share in the meal and vote. Neighborly camaraderie, good food, stellar homebrew on tap and other kids to keep your kids busy - you're living the dream, pal!

How a Kegerator Made This Better: There's at least 3 new neighbors that have moved into the 'hood in the last 6 months that you haven't gotten to know. They'll be so impressed by both your cooking and homebrewing skills. And they'll take your trash out the next time you go out of town. Pretty soon everyone in the neighborhood will want to show off their cooking skills for you - or maybe challenge the reigning Block Party Champ! They'll still ask you to provide the homebrew, though.

Event: Americana Summer Seasonals

The summer months host the most Americana holidays all year - Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. There's probably more like Ice Cream Day and Apple Pie Day, but who's counting? Since you have a pool, or a baby pool for the kids, you and your kegerator need to host a party. What? No outdoor kegerator? No problem. Your new co-host is a watermelon! Purchase this watermelon dispensing kit and a watermelon from your local grocery store and you have a party! It's an even better idea to purchase 2 kits because kids always want what parents have - put limeade in one and vodka in the other. The kids get a lovely watermelon limeade and the parents have a watermelon limeade vodka cocktail! And all the hollowed out insides of the watermelon become snacks and kid activities: Seed spitting contest! Everyone's happy and American summer nostalgia lives on.

How a Kegerator Made This Better: Your kids will actually win friends at this party. You are totally the "cool parent" who turned a watermelon into a drink dispenser and let them spit seeds everywhere. Your invitees will make so many good Americana summer memories that they'll be hosting these types of parties for generations to come. The watermelon beverage dispenser will go down in history.