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News about Kegerators

News About Kegerators

Our kegerator news section covers all recent kegerator and draft beer news.

Company News Company News Teams Up With the Saint Arnold Brewing Company -- Provides Kegerator Grand Prize in the Saint Arnold Downtown Online Video Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl AUSTIN, Texas--(PR LEAP) announced today..... (more)

Draft Beer and Brewing News Draft Beer and Brewing News

13 Insanely Awesome Beer Gadgets That You Will Want -- Whether you're brewing or just tending bar, an ingenious beer invention will make your life so much better...... (more)

24 Beer Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet -- How did you even EXIST without a one-handed bottle opener all these years? 1. A Steel Growler that..... (more)

Brewers Use Green Thinking to Help Create Eco-Friendly Beers -- Sure, we’ve all heard of the pubs selling green beer on St. Patty’s day. But let’s look at what happens when we take a deeper look at what the term “Green Beer” can..... (more)

Something for the Weekend -- The Best Craft Beer Destinations of Austin Yes, the internet is brimming with suggestions for craft beer destination cities and the beer bars that..... (more)

Tap Heavy Bars -- The Pros and Cons of beer laden venues If you are anything like me, you love to have choices. Variety is undoubtedly the..... (more)

Why Are Keg Prices On the Rise? -- Keg prices are on the rise. This is due, in part, to many state efforts to regulate kegs and increase taxes on beer itself. Many home brewers have know this for years,..... (more)

Kegerator Give-Away Kegerator Give-Away

And the Winner Is... The March of the Kegerator -- 2007 Summer Kegerator Givaway Contest Winning Essay | Digg It! | Google Anyone who has..... (more)

Kegerator News Kegerator News

5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Kegerator -- Why should Tech companies have all the fun? Ever wondered what it would be like to have a kegerator in your office break room? Below are five reasons that might just..... (more)

Setting up a Remote-Controlled Kegerator Temperature Controller -- A Kegerator's temperature is a key ingredient for many home brewers. The real benefit for the brewer to maintain a constant Kegerator temperature is "better control..... (more)



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