Kegerator Supplies

Multitap Kegerator Tower and Shank Tool

The Intertap Multi Tool tightens all tower shank inner nuts

Tightens Intertap 4" shank holding nuts (but not other 4" shanks)

Tightens and removes all Faucet Attaching Nuts, Intertap and other brands

Opens a beer bottle


Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Kegerator Temperature Controller

Plug in your kegerator and control the exact temperature

Dual relay output to heat and cool (used for fermentation control)

Supports Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit

Maximum output load: 1100W(110V)

Displays measured temperature and set temperature at the same time


Universal Kegerator Cover

Protect your kegerator from the elements with this durable cover!

Constructed from heavy-duty hard polyester

Accommodates residential keg coolers with draft beer towers installed

Compatible with kegerators from brands like Edgestar, Kegco, Haier, Danby, Marvel, Perlick, and more!


2 Tap Jockey Box Beer Dispensing Cooler - Red

48 Quart 2 Tap Jockey Box with Coil Cooler

Connects to two (2) kegs

3/8 inch coil w/ 1/4 inch choke included

100 foot coil w/ 20 foot choke

Thermal foam insulation


Wireless Remote Kegerator Thermometer

2-Channels, one for air temperature and the other for liquid temperature

Magnetic back to mount directly to kegerator door

Back-lit large digital displays

Wireless to 300-feet line of sight

Uses commercial-grade Pro-Series Probes


Universal Commercial Kegerator Cover

Keep your beer dispenser safe from the elements with this heavy-duty kegerator jacket!

Made from durable hard polyester

Designed for use with full sized commercial keg coolers with draft beer towers attached

Works with kegerators from brands like Edgestar, Kegco, Everest, UBC, Beverage Air, True, TurboAir, and Fagor


ThermoStar™ Kegerator Digital Temperature Controller

Digital kegerator temperature controller

Low-profile, ultra-mountable design

With a responsive dual-color LED display for exact temperature readings

Plug in your kegerator, set your temp and never worry again


2 Tap Jockey Box Beer Dispensing Cooler - Blue

68 Quart capacity

Connects to two (2) kegs

3/8 inch coil w/ 1/4 inch choke included

100 foot coil w/ 20 foot choke

Thermal foam insulation


Kegerator Tower Cover - Up to 3 Taps

Covers up to three faucets

Fits over installed faucet lock(s) too

Made from a durable vinyl

Protects beer tower finish from outdoor weather

Provides shade to keep the beer tower colder outdoors


Johnson Digital Temperature Controller

The Johnson digital controller is used to control the temperature of a refrigerator, or similar cooling or heating device

Enter your desired temperature, called set point, and how tightly you want your temperature maintained, called differential, and let the controller do the rest.


Inkbird Temperature Controller

All-purpose Temperature Controller

Switch the modes between cool and heat

Sensor 2 Relay Output Thermostat

Easy control settings for target temp and difference temp

Power supply: 110VAC10%, 50/60Hz


Deluxe Kegerator Tower Wrench

Kegerator wrench for beer tower shanks

Great for reaching the shank nut in a small diameter tower

Includes a built in spanner wrench

This tool is a MUST for replacing beer lines

Handles one inch (1") and one and one sixteenth (1-1/16")


Outdoor Kegerator Tower and Faucet Sock

Protects outdoor kegerator towers and faucets from freezing

Helps prevent beer freeze-up and costly repairs in tower lines

Slip over beer tower and faucet and secure with attached string tie

Size large is for standard sized kegerator towers


Chalkboard Kegerator Magnet

The Chalkboard Kegerator Magnet will adhere to any magnetic surface

A great gift item for any kegerator owner

Can be cut to fit smaller width kegerators

Use chalk or the new liquid chalk markers to get creatirsone!

Cleans easily with water and soap or other mild household cleaner


Ball and Keg - Keg Level Indicator

Monitor your keg level continuously

The float is 2 in diameter

The indicator bead is 1/4 in diameter and bright orange

The float is made of FDA approved plastic

This is the same plastic used for many types of food and beverage containers


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