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The following are kegerator and draft beer dispensing articles for troubleshooting, researching or comparing kegerators.

Draft Beer Dispensing Draft Beer Dispensing

Backup Beer Keg Pump -- Keg beer makes a great addition to any party, especially if your guests can appreciate the art of kegeration. It is an inexpensive alternative to canned and bottled..... (more)

Beer Faucet and Tap Guide -- Classic or Functional, Shiny and Trendy While you might automatically reach for the one that is familiar, like most do, you might want to think twice...... (more)

CO2 Tank Guide -- Finding the right CO2 tank for your home draft needs requires some consideration. Some of the factors included in your decision should be portability, efficiency, and..... (more)

Converting Kegerators for Serving Cask Ale -- Converting an old refrigerator into a home draft system is a fun hobby. For kegerator enthusiasts that want to take it to the next level, converting your kegerator..... (more)

Dialing in Your Home Draft System's Temperature -- D ialing in your home draft system can help eliminate over foaming of beer, and also ensure that the beer you are dispensing from your kegerator maintains the taste..... (more)

Dialing In Your Kegerator Tube Lengths -- O nce you start using kegs at home, it becomes abundantly clear that you need to follow some guidelines to ensure that foaming does not become a problem. Especially..... (more)

Dialing-In your Home Draft System: The Perfect Glass -- Tap, carb and pour your beer from a fine tuned machine More from our Dialing-In Package..... (more)

Draft Beer System at Home -- For beer aficionados and home brewers, the addition of a kegerator to your home is essential. Kegerators keep your beer fresher, save you money, and eliminate the..... (more)

Extreme Beers for your Home Draft System -- Kegerators are, of course, wonderful inventions. Many beer fans from all over the world enjoy both home brewed beer and commercially produced ales from the comfort of..... (more)

Finding the Right Keg and Tap for Your Kegerator -- For the owner of the home bar draft system kegerator, the size of the kegs contained within can be an interesting challenge. For home brewers, even a small..... (more)

Focaccia Beer Bread -- Use your kegerator for more than just pouring a pint Sometimes we buy a keg of beer and just can't finish it no matter how hard we try. Maybe you have..... (more)

Home Beer Dispenser -- Honestly, simply serving good quality beer from a home beer dispenser will have people talking. The décor surrounding such a noteworthy appliance can greatly increase..... (more)

Home Draft Beer System -- For the true beer fan, the ultimate in enjoying beer at home is the home draft beer system. Such a system is simple to acquire and maintain, it is cost efficient, and..... (more)

How to Pour Draft Beer -- Pouring a great glass of draft beer can seem tricky on the first few pours. You may pour a beer and get a glass full of foam and other times you may pour and get no foam..... (more)

How to Reduce Beer Foam in a Kegerator -- Is your kegerator dispensing foamy beer? It is often the case that when a new keg is hooked-up, the first few pints are mostly foam. If the foam persists, you may have a..... (more)

How to Run Beer Lines from Your Kegerator -- Running beer lines is a major concern in any home bar where draft beer is served. Seldom is the beer stored directly under the bar, as is the case with most home-based..... (more)

Installing Co2 Lines Efficiently -- Everyone who owns a home draft system has to deal with placing CO2 lines. Whether you own a home bar, a soda fountain, or a portable draft system, you will have to..... (more)

Keg Dispensing FAQs -- Question: Do all the different types of kegs have the same type of keg tapping equipment? Answer: No.  If you are a home brewer, many of the..... (more)

Monitoring Your Kegerator Beer with a Keg Meter -- Enjoying draft beer at home from your very own kegerator is always a pleasing experience. In the haze of inebriation, though, you may find it difficult to gauge just..... (more)

Portable Keg Refrigerators -- Portable keg refrigerators are very handy for the home brewer’s picnic and backyard BBQ party. The easiest way to accommodate the occurrence of fresh, cold flowing home..... (more)

Top 12 Kegerator Must-Haves -- What your kegerator doesn't come with, but needs to make it a stronger animal When you buy a kegerator it usually comes with a beer dispensing accessories kit that..... (more)

Using a Carbonation Table Pressure Chart -- Force Carbonating your Home Brew Carbonating your home-made beer can be a little tricky. This handy carbonation table lists PSI (Pressure per Square Inch) against keg..... (more)

Expert Corner Expert Corner

Best way to install a beer tap away from a keg fridge? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

Building a kegerator that fits a full size keg of beer -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

CO2 Tank, Pressure and Regulator Questions -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

How long does a keg of beer stay fresh? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

How often to clean kegerator beer lines? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

How to reduce foam with CO2 pressure settings? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

Keg Cooler Dispensing Questions -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

Keg Tap and Keg Coupler Questions -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

Leave a kegerator running when not in use? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

What is the main difference between imported and domestic kegs? -- The Kegerator Guy The Kegerator..... (more)

History of the Kegerator History of the Kegerator

Part 10: The D.I.Y. Kegerator -- Purchasing a brand new kegerator can be quite expensive, but..... (more)

Part 1: Warm Beer -- When we think of beer, we often think of it in the following..... (more)

Part 2: The Rise of the Lager -- Lager is a beer brewed in cool conditions using a slow-acting..... (more)

Part 3: Beer and Early Refrigeration -- In the days of early refrigeration around the 1850-1900s, the..... (more)

Part 4: Beer Barons and Cold Beer -- The first beer brewers in North America to brew on a large..... (more)

Part 5: Prohibition and Cold Beer -- The prohibition era stamped out what few remaining craft..... (more)

Part 6: Early Beer Draft Systems -- We will take a step back now, and examine the evolution of the..... (more)

Part 7: Early Kegerator Era -- While the origin of the kegerator seems to be veiled in the..... (more)

Part 8: Resurgence of Home Brewing and the Kegerator -- When appraising the factors that have all contributed to the..... (more)

Part 9: The Modern Kegerator -- Modern kegerators can be either regular refrigerators that..... (more)

The History of the Kegerator -- The Rise of Cold Beer Drinking..... (more)

Home Bar 101 Home Bar 101

A Brief Guide to Beer -- We all know that we will knock that cold one back when handed to us. And aside from the fact that we might not drink it if we don’t like the taste, have we ever..... (more)

A Guide to Making a Theme Home Bar -- If you have always wanted your own bar, wait no more. Going out is fun, but at times can be taxing, fiscally and otherwise. Why not enjoy your favorite drinks at home..... (more)

A Keg Refrigerator and a Wine Chiller for Your Home Bar -- A keg refrigerator, or “Kegerator” is the most important feature of any home bar that serves beer. In this golden age of micro- and home-brewing, a wine chiller also..... (more)

Accessorize Your Bar -- So, you’ve done it. You hired the contractor. You picked the style. You bought your furniture. Now it’s time for the fun part. Accessorizing!..... (more)

Bar Furniture -- You finally built what you have always wanted for your home. You chose the counter tops, sink, and other décor. But alas, the area in front of your bar’s high..... (more)

Beer Cocktails -- The term beer cocktail is little used, but in many parts of the world, beer cocktails are indeed very common. The most common forms of this drink in the United..... (more)

Beer Etiquette -- In the world of beer, etiquette is a word not often used. Yet for the discerning beer fan, there certainly are unwritten rules. Despite the practices of so-called..... (more)

Build a Home Bar -- Having your own bar at home is always a hit for the parties.  It is the dream of many, the reality of few.  Building your own home bar isn’t an impossible task.  The..... (more)

Home Bar Accessories and Decor -- Many people think of bar accessories in terms of bottle openers and shot glasses. I have always found that the best accessory for a home bar are unique, distinctive..... (more)

How to Purchase a Keg of Beer -- If you are throwing a party, and don’t have the time or inclination to make a batch of beer for your guests, you must find a place where you can purchase one. The local..... (more)

How to Stock My Home Bar -- So you have decided to take the extra step and place a bar into your home. It’s okay if you’re wondering what exactly you might need. You can make your bar as flamboyant..... (more)

It's Time for a Keg Party -- You probably don’t need many directions on how to throw a keg party . Let’s be honest, a party of this kind is pretty informal. We all remember those drunken nights..... (more)

Keg Beer At Home -- Hospitality. Something so necessary, yet so lacking in many people’s lives. It is important to understand that good hospitality is a vital part of human existence...... (more)

Kegerator Selections Increase Giving Home Bars More Choices -- Building your own home bar is a fun and rewarding hobby. For beer fans, the most essential part of the home bar is, naturally, the draft system. Most home bar draft..... (more)

Things to Do With Leftover Beer -- So the party is over. The music has been turned off, the last guest has finally left, and your home and lawn are littered with party remnants. Sure, you may have thought..... (more)

Home Brew Home Brew

Basic Brewing Equipment -- There are a variety of ways to acquire the basic beer brewing equipment necessary to making your own beer. The simplest is to visit your local home brew supply store..... (more)

Converting Full Sized Kegs for Home Brewing -- Home brewers have been using Cornelius, or soda kegs for years to brew and dispense home made draft beers. But Cornelius kegs only carry five to six gallons of beer...... (more)

Cornelius Kegs -- Using Cornelius kegs, also known as soda kegs or Corny kegs, is a very efficient way of storing and dispensing your home brew. These kegs can be acquired at your local..... (more)

Draft Beer System Setup for Home Brewed Beer -- Setting up a draft beer system for your home brewed beer is easier than one might think. If you are an experienced home brewer and you have already started kegging your..... (more)

Homebrew Kegging -- Dispensing your beer out of your own homebrew keg is one of the finest jumps in the hobby that a home brewer can make. Homebrew kegging allows greater ease than..... (more)

Homebrew Sanitation -- Maintaining an attitude of proper homebrew sanitation is necessary for any home brewer. There are many forms of bacteria, including vinegar, and rogue yeasts which..... (more)

Modifying Beer Coolers to Fit Your Needs -- Home brewing is a hobby for the crafty. Making your own tools for the production and dispensation of quality beer is the most fun challenge facing home brewers...... (more)

Keg Conditioned Recipes Keg Conditioned Recipes

Fortified Fennel Porter -- 2 of 3 Fall Beer Recipes for Keg Conditioning in Your Kegerator Pumpkin Spice Ale Fortified Fennel Porter Mulled Spice Apple Beer The..... (more)

Holiday Homebrew Recipes -- The key to creating a delicious and fitting holiday beer is to select the proper kind of ale for the season. In this article, I will discuss four kinds of beer that fit..... (more)

Kegged Cider: A Refreshing Deviation from Hop and Barley -- Hard cider is a great change from beer for your Fall or Spring kegerator selection. Made from apples or pears, hard cider is fun to make at home. If you are not a home..... (more)

Mulled Spice Apple Beer -- 3 of 3 Fall Beer Recipes for Keg Conditioning in Your Kegerator Pumpkin Spice Ale Fortified Fennel Porter Mulled Spice Apple Beer This..... (more)

Pumpkin Spice Ale -- 1 of 3 Fall Beer Recipes for Keg Conditioning in Your Kegerator Pumpkin Spice Ale Fortified Fennel Porter Mulled Spice Apple Beer..... (more)

Kegerator Basics Kegerator Basics

A New Kegerator Is A Great Christmas Gift -- Most of us have many things on our wish list for Christmas. It’s nice when we get what we want and not a bunch of gifts that we have no use for or no interest in. The..... (more)

A Review of Temperature Controllers for your Home Made Kegerator -- If you are building your own DIY kegerator, chances are that you are looking into how best to control the temperature of your kegerator. The right temperature for the..... (more)

Alternative uses for a Kegerator -- Kegerators were invented for beer, but they are also useful for a variety of other beverages – Cider, Root Beer, Mead – almost anything that you can drink. Children as..... (more)

Buy Pre-made or Build a Kegerator? -- When building a home bar, the choice of whether to use a free standing kegerator or a built-in is best advised by looking at the differences in the functionality of..... (more)

Choosing The Right Beer Faucet -- The beer faucets you use are one aspect of your home draft system that is easily customizable. You have your tower units for the ease of the tall bartender and your..... (more)

Draft Beer Temperature -- When utilizing a kegerator, or home draft beer system, you must keep the temperature of your kegs uniform at all times. It is a good idea to keep a thermometer in your..... (more)

FAQs About Kegerators -- Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about kegerators and draft beer dispensers as well as questions regarding the purchasing of a..... (more)

Finding the Right C02 Regulator & Accessories for your Home -- Regulating the CO2 pressure in your home draft system is vital to producing a drinkable beer. The CO2 regulator is one of the most important parts of your home draft..... (more)

Good Refrigerator Choices for Kegerator Conversions -- There are basically two general kinds of refrigeration units that make for good kegerators: the stand-up fridge, and the waist high freezer. Makes and models are..... (more)

How to Build a Homemade Kegerator -- Homemade kegerators are a snap to make for the experienced home brewer. With only a few modifications, you can take a clean fridge and make a homemade kegerator out of..... (more)

How to Tap a Keg -- Step 1: Insert the tap into the opening at the top of the keg. Step 2: Make sure the notches are lined up and..... (more)

Keg Registration -- Keg registration is a controversial law going on the books around the country, at a state level. Keg registration is a process by which kegs and taps are affected..... (more)

Keg sizes and Coupler Valve Comparison Chart -- When it comes to coupler valves, most North American beer keg couplers and valves are standardized to the “D” System, which is also called the North..... (more)

Kegerator Glossary -- Applied Pressure – The amount of pressure, in PSIs, needed to force the beer from a keg and through a beer dispensing system.  In a regular kegerator..... (more)

Kegerator Parts Overview -- Your average kegerator is not a complicated machine. Dialing your kegerator in to produce perfect pints is easy if you are familiar with the parts that comprise..... (more)

Kegerator Schematics -- Here we will go over three different kegerator designs, using two different refrigeration units. One will be a full sized stand-up refrigerator, and two will be..... (more)

Locating Refrigerant Lines -- When converting a regular refrigerator or freezer unit into a kegerator, the first thing you should consider is how to locate the refrigerant lines. The biggest task..... (more)

Reasons to Buy a Kegerator -- Beer... It’s that one little word that sends a million thoughts and emotions down the spine of every man in the world. It is the social glue that every man looks..... (more)

Searching For Cheap Kegerators -- Storing and preserving beer is a big part of the homebrewing past time. After putting all the effort into making a delicious home brewed beer, keeping it cold and..... (more)

Shop by Kegerator Profile -- (more)

The Different Flavors of the Keg Refrigerator -- Keg refrigerators come in many flavors. Sizes, colors, accessories are all extremely customizable, and Keg refrigerators are probably the most customizable appliances...... (more)

The True Cost of Owning a Kegerator -- There are many factors to take into account when attempting to determine the true cost of owning a kegerator as opposed to buying beer at the store. On the kegerator..... (more)

What is a Kegerator -- Keg • e • rator The Term Kegerator is a..... (more)

Kegerator Cleaning Kegerator Cleaning

Eradicating the Ignoble Fruit Fly -- One of the most annoying pests common in households is the fruit fly. These little gnats can cause serious havoc with both home brewers and bars of all sorts. The most..... (more)

How to Clean Your Kegerator -- T he cleaning of your home draft system is paramount to maintaining a flow of clean and healthy beer. Without this regular maintenance between each keg, one runs a..... (more)

Maintaining Beer Lines With A Beer Cleaner -- Cleaning the beer lines of your home draft system with a beer cleaner is vital to maintaining good flowing beer. The beer line cleaning chore should be undertaken on a..... (more)

Kegerator Kits Kegerator Kits

Can Santa Fit a Kegerator Kit Down the Chimney? -- It's not likely that Father Christmas can get his jolly self and a kegerator down the chimney this holiday season, but he might be able to get the next best thing which..... (more)

Kegerator Maintenance Kegerator Maintenance

11 Kegerator Upgrades -- Draft beer components that you should eventually upgrade. When you purchase your first kegerator there is a high level of..... (more)

Balancing Your Home Draft System -- Keeping your home draft system flowing smoothly and efficiently is primarily a matter of practicing weekly maintenance. Being well informed of new developments in home..... (more)

Energy Saving Tips For Your Kegerator -- Kegerators are appliances that use a lot of energy, but there are ways to keep costs down. Refrigerators of all sorts are well-known energy hogs, but kegerators are..... (more)

How to Defrost a Keg Refrigerator -- After a few months of running a keg refrigerator at temperatures near freezing you might notice some ice building up on the refrigeration plates and coils inside. This..... (more)

Kegerator Maintenance Tools -- There are a few different tools that every kegerator owner should have to keep their kegerator maintained at optimum efficiency. With repeated use, malt and yeast..... (more)

Troubleshooting Your Beer Keg Refrigerator -- If you are having trouble with your beer keg refrigerator, do not panic. There is very little that can actually go wrong with your kegerator or..... (more)

Kegerator Projects Kegerator Projects

Adding Chalkboard or Whiteboard Surfaces to your Kegerator -- Adding a chalkboard or a whiteboard to the outside of your kegerator is a useful project which ensures that whomever is pulling a pint will know what kind of beer is..... (more)

Adding Taps to Your Kegerator -- Adding taps to your home draft system, or kegerator, is easy. Deciding how many taps to add can be the hard part, but once you decide that, it's not far to go. If you..... (more)

Aging Beers in Your Kegerator -- If you have room inside your kegerator, aging beers can be a great way to pull out some of the finer flavor aspects of your beer. Many high gravity beers are quite..... (more)

Beer Keg to Kettle Conversion -- Part 1 of's tutorial video on how to turn a beer keg into a 15 gallon brewing kettle. In this step it is shown how to de-gass a Sanke keg, remove the lock..... (more)

Beer Kegging Tutorial -- Kegging your own beer is an effective way to store and serve home brew to your community. Kegging beer is not a difficult task, but it does..... (more)

Build A Kegerator Hop Filter: Add more flavor to your beer -- M ost of the home brewers I know that own kegerators rarely bottle their homebrew anymore. Kegging is just simply an easier way of fermenting, conditioning and..... (more)

Build a Toolbox Draft Beer Dispenser -- Hide your precious treasure in a rolling tool chest There are times in life when you are presented with a lot of idle hours and a beer project is the perfect way to..... (more)

Dialing-In your Home Draft System: Modifying a Draft Tower -- F or kegerator owners, dialing in your draft system can mean being able to serve up to four different kegs of beer at once. The great thing about draft towers is..... (more)

Dressing Up Your Kegerator For Halloween -- As Halloween approaches, you may be wondering what type of costume to purchase for your kids so they can hit the streets as cool or scary creatures, ready to load up..... (more)

Hacking Your Kegerator: Adds and Mods Edition -- W ith the increase in awareness of high quality craft beer available in your city and being made by local homebrewers, we are seeing a time when many innovative minds..... (more)

How to Build a Kegerator -- Ever wanted to know how to build a kegerator using an old refrigerator? Follow the instructions below to install a refrigerator conversion kit into a standard..... (more)

Kegerator Hack: Cool a Draft Tower with Computer Fans -- Here's a fun project for those of you who are geekily inclined. Owners of a kegerator with a draft tower, whether your beer dispenser is commercially made or a kit..... (more)

Kegerator on a Budget -- Building a keg refrigerator with limited funds More on Building Keg Refrigerators..... (more)

Kid Proofing a Kegerator -- Naturally, kid proofing a kegerator is easier the younger your kids are. Babies, Toddlers, and young children require little modification of the kegerator to keep the..... (more)

Modification Project: Adding Double or Triple Tap Tower -- Kegerators are great hobby items – and you can always modify them to serve your beer better. One modification that can increase your kegerators ability to serve is the..... (more)

Placing CO2 Disconnect Couplers -- CO2 disconnect couplers are no longer only for tank to keg gas lines. Now CO2 filters are on the market, creating a market for high quality quick..... (more)

Setting Up a New Kegerator -- Kegerator Transport and Delivery Kegerators usually arrive via freight or ground and require pickup from a local parcel center. Most home use..... (more)

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