Igloo Kegerators

Igloo 4.6 cu. ft. Home Kegerator

Pickup Discount eligible

4.6 cu ft capacity

Beer tap to dispense

Pull top to dispense cold and refreshing beer

Easy to install


Dual Mini-Keg Kegerator

Compact mini kegerator and beer dispenser fits two (2) mini kegs

Ideal for Use In Your Home, Boat, BBQ, RV or Camper

Uses All Standard 5L Mini Beer Kegs (Not Included)

Includes CO2 regulator and pressure gauge

Digital Display for Temperature Settings


Igloo Kegerator Beer Dispenser FRB200C

Igloo Kegerator Beer Dispenser with 6.0-Cubic Feet

Fits 1/2, 1/4, mini-barrel kegs or two 5 gallon Cornelius kegs

The Igloo Kegerator Beer Dispenser features compressor cooling

Low energy consumption

Compact beer refrigerator