Micro Matic Kegerators

Micro Matic Pro-Line 2-3 Stainless Steel Kegerator with Glass Rinser

Model: MDD58S-E    
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Micro Matic Pro-Line 2-3 Kegerator with Glass Rinser Dispenses up to three (3) 15.5 gallon 1/2 kegs. For additional kegs to be dispensed, requires either changing the tower to one with more faucets, or using a Tower Adapter.

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Heavy-duty stainless steel top

Large drip tray with removable grill for easy cleaning

Integrated glass rinser

Self-closing doors with key locks

Reinforced stainless steel interior floor with rugged keg slides

Two 3" diameter Polished Stainless Steel Draft Towers: a one faucet and a two faucet (Knobs not included)

Built in blower continually channels cold air through the dispensing towers to ensure cold beer.

Unit can be changed from 115v to 230v.