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60 Inch Dual Tap Krowne Kegerator

Model: DB60L-S    
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The 60 Inch Dual Tap Krowne Kegerator is designed for precise chilling temperatures and long lasting performace. Galvanized steel interior, alongside a Stainless Steel floor and heavy duty doors ensure that the product is hard-wearing, and suited to everyday use.

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Large two keg capacity

Additional beer tower options available - Up to 8 Taps

Coved corner galvanized interior

Removable stainless steel keg floor for easy cleaning

Digital Thermostat

High Performance Kegerator Beer Cooler

External Dimensions: 60'' W x 36'' H x 25'' D


Keg Capacity

Oversized Keg OK

Oversized Keg

Fits 2

Full Size Keg

Full-Size Keg

Fits (2) - Half Barrel Kegs

Pony Keg

Pony Keg

Fits (2) - Pony Kegs

Slim Pony Keg

Slim-Pony Keg

Fits (4) - Quarter Barrel Kegs

Sixth Barrel

Sixth Barrel Keg

Fits (4) - Sixth Barrel Kegs

Cornelius Keg

Cornelius Keg

Fits (4) - Homebrew Kegs


Model: DB60L-S
60 Inch Dual Tap Krowne Kegerator
Brand: Krowne Kegerators
Heavy Duty 24
Heavy Duty 18-Gauge Door Jambs
5-Year Compressor Warranty
Temp Range: 30F to 40F
Power: 6 Amps
Input Voltage: 115 V
(Double) Two Tap Tower
Security Door Lock
Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower
Stainless Steel Tap Faucet
Stainless Steel Drip Tray
Drip Tray (non-draining)
Converts into a Refrigerator (with included shelves)
Front Ventilation
Refrigerant Type: 134A
1 Year Warranty*
Stainless Steel Door
Protective Keg Floor Plate
Weight: 380 lbs.
External Dimensions: 60'' W x 36'' H x 25'' D