Keggermeister Double Tap Kegerator - KM5600BK

Model: KM5600BK    
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The Keggermeister Double Tap Kegerator KM5600BK - comes equipped with a chrome guardrail on its durable, black, counter top. An attractive exterior allows the refrigerator to fit in nicely with almost any home decor.

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Exterior LCD Screen provides accurate interior temperature

CO2 system will keep 4 full size kegs of beer fresh for up to 3 months

Stainless Steel exterior with 4 casters for portability

Accepts 1/4 Barrel Pony, Cornelius, "D" System, and 1/2 Barrel Full Size Keg's

Please Note: Coors & Miller Wide "Half Barrel" Kegs do not fit

KeggerMeister Dual Tap KM5600SS Kegerator

Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator

2.5 Lb. C02 Tank

Dual Beer Tower Tap & Hose Assembly

All other necessary parts & hardware

External Dimensions: 21.3'' W x 33.2'' H x 26.6'' D


Keg Capacity

Oversized Keg Does Not Fit

Oversized Keg

Does Not Fit

Full Size Keg

Full-Size Keg

Fits (1) - Half Barrel Keg

Pony Keg

Pony Keg

Fits (1) - Pony Keg

Slim Pony Keg

Slim-Pony Keg

Fits (1) - Quarter Barrel Keg

Sixth Barrel

Sixth Barrel Keg

Fits (2) - Sixth Barrel Kegs

Cornelius Keg

Cornelius Keg

Fits (2) - Homebrew Kegs


Model: KM5600BK
Keggermeister Double Tap Kegerator - KM5600BK
Brand: Keggermeister
Includes Rubber Regulator Gauge Protectors
Storage shelves for converting to a refrigerator
Low Profile Keg Coupler
Temp Range: Mid to high 30s F
Power: 1875 W
Input Voltage: 120 V
(Double) Two Tap Tower
Safety Rail
Chrome Plated Draft Beer Tower
Chrome Plated Tap Faucet
2.5 lb. CO2 Tank (included)
Double Gauge Gas Regulator
American "D" Sankey Keg Coupler
Beer & Air Line (included)
Air (splitter) Distributor
Stainless Steel Drip Tray
Drip Tray (non-draining)
Includes a Tap Handle
Rolling Castors (included)
Converts into a Refrigerator (with included shelves)
Installation Tools (included)
Features Digital Display
UL approved
1 Year Warranty*
Door is Reversible
Includes Dispensing Components
Assembly Instructions (included)
Protective Keg Floor Plate
External Dimensions: 21.3'' W x 33.2'' H x 26.6'' D