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Kegerator Cleaning Brush Set

Model: AMZ_B0093A7QSW    
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Long lasting kegerator cleaning brushed for use on taps, faucets, keg couplers and more. Keep your kegerator clean with the kegerator cleaning brush set.

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Essential kegerator cleaning set for taps, faucets, couplers, disconnects and fittings

9 brushes - each one unique size and shape for hard-to-clean parts

Natural boar bristles in 11 x 2-1/2, 8 x 1-1/2, 8 x 3/4 & 8- 1/2 in.

8 x 2 in. soft nylon baby bottle, stiff nylon 12 x 1/2, 8 x 3/4, 6 x 1/4, extra stiff nylon 10 x 3/8 in.

Flexible wound-wire handles conform to odd shapes

Galvanized steel for rust resistance