EdgeStar Kegerators

EdgeStar Stout Kegerator - Stainless Steel

Model: KC2000SSSTOUT    
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Serve stout beers at home with the EdgeStar Stout Kegerator. Use the EdgeStar Stout Kegerator to chill and dispense Guinness or other dark stout beers at home.

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Digital display stainless steel kegerator for dispensing stout

Serve Guinness, Harp, Abbywhite, or other stout beers on tap

This dispense system arrives with everything needed to tap your first stout keg

Draft tower, stout faucet, classic tap handle, U coupler

Dual-gauge Nitrogen regulator & 22 cu ft. Nitrogen tank

Specialty faucet allows for a perfect pour, creating a pleasant mouth-feel and head

Model: KC2000SSSTOUT

Dimensions: 48 1/2h x 20w x 26 1/2d inches.