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Posted:  18 Jul 2008 18:29   Last Edited By: woemlavy
There are a lot of photos scattered over many threads of kegerator and brewing set-ups. I looked all over the web for pics and ideas for kegerator setups. Maybe it'll help someone to see a bunch in one place.

This was a fairly simple kegerator setup.
Posted:  18 Jul 2008 18:48
I used a 4.9 cu Sanyo Refrigerator. Kegerator open to show two cornie kegs and CO2 tank tucked behind.

I love this compact setup, but I must admit, adjusting the regs can be a pain when you're not in the mood for it. Some people use the drain hole in the back to run the CO2 line in and store the bottle outside the unit, but I like the neatness of having it self contained.

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