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Posted:  05 Dec 2017 18:01
Hello All. First visit, first post. Total newbie question.

I just bought a 6' home bar I'm pretty pleased with. It's got a space plenty big for a kegerator, with a jut out of a couple of inches, which I'm fine with. It's got plenty of space above and on the sides for ventilation, except for the back. I can give it no more than an inch in the back before it would start jutting out too much. I have two questions.

First, will be be good enough for ventilation purposes?

Second is more complicated. I want to mount a keg tower on the bar top and run it to the unit. Most of the typical units I see online (EdgeStar, Kegco, etc.) say "free-standing use only." I assume that means you cannot convert them to run a line to a tap tower on the bar top. Long story short, what's the easiest way to do what I want, the type of unit I need, etc. that won't cost a fortune?

Thanks in advance.