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Posted:  12 Sep 2017 02:59
Howdy, new to the site....
Here we go are Kegerators junk, or is it that hard now to get a beer from a keg. What the Hell is he saying you ask, We'll 20 something years ago I bought a apt size fridge for a $100 bucks went down to the local place to buy kegs and bought me a co2 bottle regulator and a keg, was off to the races with no problems, till the fridge decided to die on me. Jump forward 20 something years later, the wife and kids buy me a Kegerator for Fathers day, I HAVE WASTED MORE BEER THAN I HAVE DRANK.......
FOAM, Nothing but foam, I have been to another Beer Forum site and read how I have to have a min of x feet of hose, according to someones extreme spreed sheet, that i have yet to understand how to read. I have read you have to have a tower cooler, Okay I'll bight 60 bucks later, still foam. I have bought a $75 dollar regulator (That I probably didn't need) but I bought anyway, I have read you must have at least 12# of pressure (NOPE) I have read that one symptom of FOAM is to much pressure, so I dropped the pressure down to 8# (NOPE) . I have shortened the length of line from the keg up to the handle. I have just now as of tonight replaced it again back to about 8' of line. And by the way it is now down below the keg. (I also read the line has to be above the keg). Now my wife is a very patient woman, but she starting to question the amount of money I'm spending on this piece of Fantastic hardware in our house.
Oh P.S. I'm not one of these high end designer beer drinkers, just a ole Budweiser fan, the reason I say that because I have also read that the beer has to be a specific temp. (36*) by the way I'm a A/C service tech I forgot to mention I installed a digital thermostat on the system, and Maintaining a 4*  dead band, 2 up and 2 down.
Thanks in advance..