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Posted:  01 Jun 2007 22:14
I am the proud owner of a new kegerator but I am having trouble finding a place to get the CO2 tank filled. Can you offer any suggestions as to where I can look. I have looked in the phone book under beer and beverage service but no luck.
Posted:  01 Jun 2007 22:15
Hi John,

I have had luck filling my tanks at welding shops, scuba shops or outdoors shops that sell paint ball guns (they run off of CO2).

Hope this helps!
Posted:  29 Jun 2007 06:57
go to your local welding company, fencing company etc..  any place that uses welders or compressed air or anything and ask them...if they've been around for a while they should be able to point you in the right direction
Posted:  17 Jul 2007 13:37
your local welding company.. Also I bought an extra tank just in case..
Posted:  06 Sep 2007 21:02
I get mine filled at a fire extinguisher service company
Posted:  05 Jun 2008 03:36
We just put in our new kegerator over the weekend, and boy, I wish I had thought of getting the CO2 tank filled sooner! I had quite a problem finding a place that would do it.  Just a note that might help you...when you call places to find out if they'll do it, mention the size of your tank! Sporting good stores, paintball facilities, and outdoor stores could all fill CO2 tanks,  but none could fill the 5lb size of ours.  Finally, we found a local welding supply store that was able to do it.  My opinion? That's your best bet.
Posted:  25 Feb 2009 05:19
you should be able to fill it at any welding shop or also any place that fills tanks for paintball guns... or even a place that deals with fire extinguishers...