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Posted:  31 Jan 2013 01:01
I have tried everything, but the fridge still will not drop below 40*. I even removed the thermostat and it still won't get below 40. I bought it from this company but there is no way to get a hold of them directly.
Posted:  31 Jan 2013 15:29
What brand and model #?
Posted:  31 Jan 2013 18:34
Nostalgia Electrics

Posted:  02 Feb 2013 01:47
Little help?
Posted:  20 Feb 2013 04:22
Still nothing.  This is really some of the best customer service I have ever had. At least a response would be nice.
Posted:  22 Feb 2013 22:20
Hey Sailor.. Sorry for the delay. This isn't the customer service dept. It is a forum for others to help answer questions. Unfortunately no one has answered you.

The Nostalgia should get down near 40F and that's about all you will get from it. You should contact the business you bought the kegerator from (,, etc...) if you want to return it or get additional support.