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Posted:  24 Oct 2012 23:50
Hey Everyone, I have read countless thread on this and have not been able to solve my problem. I am getting all foam from my kegerator. I need to balance this for a coors light keg for now (no barbs about the crappy beer please, the home brew is going in afterwards) and I have been changing things based on recommendations from other peoples issues that I have read about, but can't get this solved. Here are the facts:

-Mini-fridge style kegerator with tower and circulating fan to keep tower cool
-Tower goes 2 feet above keg
-Temperature of beer: 34 degrees
-line length: 12feet of 3/16" beer grade line kept in the fridge, above the keg
-pressure: 10psi
-Altitude: ~7500 feet (in Colorado)
-Everything has been cleaned thoroughly
-Brand new CO2 regulator
-Keg was placed in the kegerator for three days to settle, then tapped and vented and sat for another 48 hours

I have tried line lengths from 3ft to 12ft, Pressures from 3psi to 16 psi, and temperatures from 33degrees to 40 degrees. Every time I change something I let the whole system settle. All I ever get is foam, foam, foam. If anyone has any ideas I am more than happy to try pretty much anything at this point as I am thoroughly frustrated. Thanks in advance.
Posted:  26 Oct 2012 18:10
Sounds like you have tried a lot.

Has this happened with other kegs or just this Coors keg?

How about the keg coupler? Have you taken it apart and cleaned it? Make sure all parts are there and in good shape? Maybe try a new coupler?

I usually go with 5 ft of line at 6 psi and the colder the better for the least amount of foaming.

Sometimes I throw a manual hand pump tap on the keg to see if the keg might just be over-carbonated. This lets you take your CO2 system, lines and tower out of the equation.
Posted:  09 Dec 2012 22:26
i recently bought a km2800 kegermeister and i am struggling with the foam stil too much no consistancy at all any suggestions?