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Posted:  22 Sep 2012 00:48
VERY new to this. I bought a kegerator and followed the directions. With our first keg, we purchased a local lager. Nothing but foam woulda pour. Then after playing with the pressure for about a week I got the foam down to a normal amount, but then the flow was LOW. It would trickle slowly out. I searched and read forum after forum and tried all the recommendations. I finally gave up, thinking it was the beer type and just made do with the slow pour.
Now this keg is bud light, we haven't had the pour issue yet but it is pouring 90% foam, and I keep trying to get the pressure right, but 2 weeks of this and I give up.
Anyone have these same problems and have some advice on how to fix them?
I appreciate anything you can give me
Posted:  30 Dec 2012 23:27
I, too, am new to kegerators.  Have the preasure set at 12psi - new kegerator.  At first, I get only foam, then after a few attempts, nothing pours.  Am at altitude and can't find anyone who actually works on these things.  And and all advice is appreciated.