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Posted:  06 Apr 2011 15:30
I've been drooling over the idea of installing tap with tower in my kitchen countertop in my new home. My current set up contains a Perlick 1002A-UL dual kegerator with a 20lb CO2 tank and 5ft of beer/gas lines. Here's what my plan entails; plumbing approximately 20ft insulated PVC pipe from 2nd tower outlet through basement to kitchen, install PVC fan 2.5ft from outlet to push cool air throughout pipe, cut/ mount tap and tower in countertop. I have only residential/personal knowledge of beer line lengths in relation to gas pressure. I'm not sure if cooling a run of this length is achievable in a residential system on a budget. Any suggestions to proper set up is greatly appreciated.
Posted:  18 Apr 2011 06:04
Are there going to be 90 degree bends and such in the pipe run? If there's too many 90 degree bends it will negate what the fan can do.

Also what type of fan are you using. I'm guessing you mean an impeller blower which Y's into the pipe blowing cool air through the line. You also need to have a return for the cold air. Usually a tube in tube design can be used for space saving. Otherwise you need a second line to return the air to the source. This keeps it flowing smooth and colder.

If you have any more info I'd appreciate it. You'll definitely need to move to a larger diameter line, probably around 5/16 or 3/8. Thinking 5/16.