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Posted:  06 Mar 2011 06:42
I'm building my boyfriend one for his birthday but I want to be able to have 2 taps. The how to build instructions only tell you how to build with one. Was wondering if the instructions would change and also since I want to have to taps what would the right size be for a kegerator? Thank you
Posted:  06 Mar 2011 16:16
Depends on what type of kegs you're using. If you use 1/6 barrels you can use the same box for a 1/2 barrel. You really want to have at least 1 inch of airflow around the barrels so that there aren't any hotspots where the cold air isn't hitting. Your setup will be the same. Just need to split the air line for the 2nd tavern head and run the 2nd line to the faucet.

Are you using a kegerator or building one out of a fridge?