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Posted:  22 Jan 2011 19:46
My question is in regard to filling CO2 tanks.  I recently purchased my first kegorator.  I am getting mixed responses as to where to go to fill my tank.  I have the 2.5 lb tank that came with the kegorator.  I called Nostalgia who i purchased the kegorator and they told me to try any place that fills fire extinguishers or welding places.  My understanding is that CO2 tanks for paintball guns and kegorators are different. 
I recently was told by our local hardware store that the only place to get it filled would be a beer distributing company because kegorators require a special "food" grade CO2.
Can anyone offer me advice as to where to get this tank filled?
Posted:  02 Jan 2012 03:20
Welding supply company AIRGAS OR WESCO should run 7-10$
Posted:  03 Jan 2012 16:48
A few places to try.... scuba dive shops, welding shops, sports & outdoor shops that carry paintball equipment, some large liquor stores that sell kegs and finally your local homebrew shop.