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Posted:  13 Nov 2010 23:35
This is my first post here and I am lucky to find you guys. I hope someone will take time to answer my question.

I recently acquired a 58.66 liter Anhauser Busch keg.
It is stamped "Spartenberg" and has the numbers 13/17-155 5-8571 on the top. It is old.

What I need to know is if this stainless steel and hopefully which alloy or is it aluminum. It wire bruses to a shine like stainless but it can be hard to tell. I have seen some aluminum alloys shine up too!

Does anyone have an opinion? How about a source of info? I tired Googling "Spartenberg" but only came up with the city.

Does any one know a chemical test I can run with filings taken?

This is important to me as it might end becoming a still, if it is stainless and not aluminum. I already have a much small still and am ready for the next size.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information.