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Posted:  22 Jun 2006 16:30
I want to put a kegerator in my workshop, and just put in Kegerator into a Yahoo search, and the number of sites found was overwhelming. Looked at a couple, (sounds like it is a very good idea to avoid the Haier brand, crappy cust. service it appears, and quality may not be totally up to snuff) but I was hoping to find some places where I could read up on the pros/cons of different models. I would like to buy a unit as opposed to building one, and does price necessarily equate to quality? Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated! Thanks.
Posted:  22 Jun 2006 17:46   Last Edited By: CKO
Hands down the best kegerator is the Summit. It's the Ferrari of beer machines.

Single Tap Summit

Undercounter Summit

It includes a cooling fan for the tower, which a lot of kegerators don't have.
Posted:  23 Jun 2006 21:08
Just curious, the ones you listed were in the $600 range, and looking around, I see some that are well over $1200. I guess I would have thought that Ferrari quality would equate to Ferrari pricing, but there are definitely more expensive machines out there... Thoughts?
Posted:  23 Jun 2006 22:19
I personallyhave the Hair Brewmaster and it is fine. Paid around $490.00 and it fits a full keg and keeps the beer cold. What else do you need? The summit adds the tower cooling fan which keeps every pour of beer the same temp.

All the otherkegerators you see that are really expensive are resteraunt quality. They are built the withstand the elements. They have stainless steal fronts and protective undercoatings to prevent rust. A little overkill for personal use.
Posted:  05 Oct 2006 15:01
I bought "True" and this machine is alot better than the Wal-mart or Best Buy junk.
Posted:  25 Oct 2006 17:30
I think that the TRUE single tap kegerator is the best and worth the extra money.
Posted:  06 Sep 2007 21:41
The best kegerator is the one your buddy has that you drink free from
Posted:  10 Dec 2007 20:48
No doubt in my mind that True is the best. I have mine in the garage here in Florida and I pour 35 degree beer all summer. Look at the weight of a True - 181 pounds, cheaper units about 85. Much better quality unit.
Posted:  30 Dec 2007 02:36
My husband absolutely agrees with Strawman!!!  He's making me laugh!!
Posted:  07 Jan 2012 10:23   Last Edited By: CKO
I recently purchased the Great Northern Black Kegerator

I am quite happy with it even though the instructions were a bit confusing