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Posted:  11 Mar 2009 20:30
Brand new member - first time poster. I'm pretty new to the "kegerator business".  My son got one as a gift from his girlfriend, so I've become accustomed to having one in my house.  Now, it's like a microwave - I can't imagine NOT having one.  I'm not sure my wife feels the same way, but I'll deal with that issue.  My problem is that my son is going away to medical school in the fall and he's gonna take his kegerator with him - yeah, future docs do find time to have a brew or two.  So, I want to build one for myself.  I've heard that they can be made from chest freezers and that appeals to me because the beer would probably be colder,a nd there will be room for more cornies.  However, I am concerned that the beer would actually freeze.  Can one build a kegerator from a chest freezer, and, if so, is there a specific type of freezer that's needed, is there the potential for the beer freezing, et., etc.  The bottom line is I need all the information on this subject I can get.  If there is alreay a place on this site that addresses my questions, please tell me where to go - really, I can take it!

Posted:  11 Mar 2009 22:52   Last Edited By: CKO
Check out this post from a while back ...

Can anyone share else their successes building chest freezer kegerators?

Here is a controller to use for a chest freezer: ...