Countertop Cold Brew Coffee Kegerators are Now a Thing

Always wanted to be a Nitro coffee barista at home? Now your life can be complete. The compact countertop nitro coffee kegerator gives you the functionality of a full size kegerator in about 1/4 of the space.

It holds a 2.5 Gallon Keg and a 20cu/ft Nitrogen Tank with regulator all neatly inside of it. Simply set the unit on a countertop in your shop, plug in and start serving nitro cold brew coffee or tea on draft!

The countertop unit has a chalkboard front door which allows you to get creative and nicely show what’s on draft!

The unit comes with a premium AEB 2.5 Gallon Corny Keg equipped with a Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid, and all the components are already setup and ready for you to use. Simply plug the fridge unit into a standard 120V plug, connect the regulator to your filled 20cu/ft nitrogen tank, connect the hoses to your keg and you are ready to rock!

A premium Taprite Nitrogen Regulator Included connected to an adjustable pressure gauge on the front of the unit. Simply turn the knob on the front of the fridge to increase or decrease pressure.

Not all coffee kegerators are little, see all of our full size Coffee Kegerators

Why Kegerators Can Improve Fundraiser Results

Fundraising events can be any type of event in which the primary purpose is to raise money for a specific cause, charity, organization or individual. The events can range from anything from a small get together among friends to a large formal gathering, complete with formal attire and a formal sit-down menu. But, whatever type of fundraising event is planned, and whatever the size, you’d be surprised by how much having a beer kegerator on hand can improve the results of the fundraising efforts.

Why would a kegerator filled with beer improve fundraising outcomes? The answer is pretty simple – and pretty obvious. It’s no secret that people are a bit more relaxed and open to parting with their money if they’ve had a few drinks. That’s why almost all fundraising events offer some type of alcoholic beverages during the event, and much the same reason that casinos offer free drinks to those who are gambling. That’s not to say that you should deviously aim to get people drunk at your next fundraising even so they will donate more money. It’s just that when people are out having a good time, have had a drink or two, and know that the money they donate will help a good cause, they are more likely to contribute.

If you’re holding a fundraising event at a bar, restaurant or catering establishment, chances are that there’s already a kegerator on site, dispensing draft beer. Most bars and dining establishments that have a liquor license already own a commercial kegerator that sits behind the bar. Kegerators, which are basically like refrigerators that are made to house a keg of beer and keep it cold, are a necessary appliance for any establishment that serves beer out of a keg. This is because kegs of beer not only need to be kept cold so the beer tastes good, but so the beer keeps fresh. Then a tap or two is placed on top of the kegerator or on top of the bar to dispense the beer.

If you’re organizing a fundraising event at a location that would not already have a kegerator, then you may want to consider renting one for the event. Kegerators can be rented out so you can then purchase a keg of beer and have enough alcohol flowing throughout the whole event, even if you’ve got a big crowd. Of course, beer doesn’t need to be the only type of alcoholic beverage that is served at a fundraising event, but if you’re looking to keep costs down so you can keep the amount of money that goes towards the fundraiser’s bottom line up, then beer is your best option. See how much beer you would need for your fundraiser with our Beer Calculator.

Another way that a kegerator can improve the outcome of your next fundraiser is by using it as a raffle or auction item. In this case, we’re not talking about a full sized kegerator, but rather one of the smaller mini kegerators that can be a great addition to any home. Mini kegerators are unique small appliances that house a small 5 liter mini keg of beer and can sit on top of a home bar or even a table or kitchen counter. The beer keeps cold and is dispensed through a tap, just like a real kegerator.

You can purchase a mini kegerator for around $100 – $300, depending on the model, but can then use the kegerator to get people to part with their money. Have the mini kegerator be an auction item or use it in a raffle drawing if your crowd enjoys beer. The amount of money you get in raffle tickets for the appliance or bidding may far exceed the cost to buy the appliance – and since a mini kegerator is not something that most people would think about going to a store to buy, they will enjoy bidding on such a unique novelty.

So, although it doesn’t seem like an obvious combination, kegerators, whether full sized or mini, can be a great way to add success to your next fundraising event!

Is A Mini Kegerator An Appropriate Gift For Administrative Professionals Day?

Gift For Administrative Professionals Day

Formally known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day falls on a Wednesday during the last full week in April each year. It is not a legal holiday, or even a federal holiday, but has become an unofficial holiday that is recognized by corporations and businesses, both large and small, as a day to show appreciation for support staff. Administrative professionals generally include administrative assistants, secretaries, and receptionists, but can also be expanded to include anyone in an office that offers a supportive role and that deserves to be recognized for their efforts once a year.

Administrative Professionals Day is often marked by giving gifts to your assistant or support staff as a show of your appreciation for all they do for you all year long. While these gifts often tend to be in the form of flowers, candy, gift certificates to restaurants and spas, or even an extra day off, many business professionals try to find a gift that is more unique and looks like some thought was put into personalizing the gift.

So, with that being said, is a mini kegerator an appropriate gift for the administrative professional in your life? That depends. If you know that the gift recipient enjoys a glass of beer once in awhile, then it can be a great gift. A mini kegerator not only dispenses just any old beer, but good beer. Just like when you go to the bar and opt for the draft beer because it tastes so much better than the selections in a bottle, a mini kegerator provides that great draft beer taste right in the comfort of your own home.

One nice thing about giving a mini kegerator as a gift is that it may be the type of gift that your assistant may not buy themselves. It is a touch on the pricey side when it comes to novelty gadgets, so a mini kegerator can be an indulgence for someone on a modest salary. Therefore, you may be surprised by how excited your assistant is to have their very own mini draft beer dispenser!

Another reason that a mini kegerator can be very appropriate as a gift on Administrative Professionals Day is that it is a gift for your assistant or secretary that allows them to relax and unwind. Very often, business professionals look for gifts like that to give on this holiday, since their assistants work so hard all year long. That is why gifts like spa gift certificates, restaurant gift certificates and extra time off are so often given, as well as coveted. A gift of a mini kegerator can have the same effect on someone that enjoys unwinding at the end of a day with a nice cool drink.

Mini kegerators are also attractive to look at and are a great addition to home bars, game rooms and even gourmet kitchens. A mini kegerator is also a great idea for those that love to entertain outside, whether by the pool or in the backyard – and for those that like to party on the go, such as by tailgating at sporting events or concerts or going camping. So, if you know that your support staff person is someone that loves to entertain, and they are not a teetotaler, then a gift of a mini kegerator can be a unique gift that shows that you appreciate the hard work they do for you all year long.

Easter Eggs, Easter Bonnets, the Easter Bunny… and a Kegerator?

Easter Eggs, Easter Bonnets, the Easter Bunny... and a Kegerator?

Easter is a springtime holiday that always falls on a Sunday between the dates of March 22nd and April 25th, depending on the year. It is a religious holiday, but like Christmas, it is one that has developed many secular traditions over the years as well.

The celebration of Easter is a Christian holiday, and commemorates the date of the resurrection of Christ. It also marks the end of Lent, which is characterized by a period of penance and prayer. Therefore, Easter Sunday is also seen as a day of indulgence and enjoyment of those things that have been given up during the period that precedes the holiday.

The Easter holiday is filled with all things fun and enjoyable. Whether that is Easter baskets filled with loads of candy or brightly colored Easter eggs that have been decorated with abandon, the day is also always filled with a big holiday feast, usually shared with family and/or friends. So, what’s the connection to all of these Easter related icons and a kegerator? Well, a kegerator certainly fits the bill for “all things fun and enjoyable”, doesn’t it?

If we’re talking about indulgence and celebration to mark the end of a period of time in which we have given up certain habits in order to repent, then it is very likely that drinking beer is on the list of many an adult that have chosen to give up the beverage during the Lenten season. Therefore, it is on Easter Sunday that the coveted brew can once again be enjoyed. And what better way to enjoy a beer after abstaining for a period of time than from a kegerator, where you can be sure that the beer than flows from that kegerator spout will be fresh, cold and delicious?

Of course, the holiday is also a day to share a big meal with those closest to you and to indulge a bit if you want. So, whether that is too much candy, or a few brews from your kegerator, you should take solace in the knowledge that today is a day that it’s okay to just enjoy yourself. If the celebration is at your house this Easter, and you happen to own a kegerator, certainly make sure that you have enough beer to go around in order to be able to satisfactorily quench the thirst of all the adults in the house. After all, the kids will probably be stuffing themselves silly with candy all day, so you should all have a chance to enjoy the contents of your kegerator as well!

When you are planning your upcoming Easter family get-together, make sure you have all of the essentials to celebrate the day. A delicious dinner, most probably with ham taking center stage as well as all of the delicious fixings to go along with it, lots of candy, a bunch of brightly colored and beautifully decorated eggs, a couple of really frilly pastel-colored Easter bonnets, and a kegerator with some delicious tasting beer inside (if you only have a mini kegerator, that’s fine, too – you’ll still have plenty to go around and you can always make sure you have a spare mini keg or two waiting in the wings in case you need to tap into it). You may even want to add a few little special surprises delivered by the Easter Bunny, but that’s entirely up to you. As long as you have your family and friends around, the rest of the holiday “essentials” are just icing on the cake.

How Would A Mini Kegerator Affect Groundhog Day?

Ground Hog Day

February 2nd of each year officially marks the day that a groundhog emerges from his burrow to let us know whether it will be an early spring or if we have to endure six more weeks of winter. This holiday, known as Groundhog Day, is steeped in tradition and history. But what if Punxatawny Phil, the most famous of season-predicting groundhogs, along with some of his Groundhog Day buddies around the country, spent the morning sitting around their own personal mini kegerators before emerging from their holes? Would a kegerator-and-beer-laden groundhog be any less accurate in predicting the end of winter?

Who knows? We’ll never know the answer to that, because our trusty little groundhog friends are obviously not going to be sitting around a mini beer dispenser in their dirt-filled burrows in the ground before showing their cute little furry faces above ground on February 2nd. But, it might be a funny sight if they did.

Folklore tells us that the groundhog is very powerful in predicting the coming spring. According to the story, if the groundhog sees its shadow when he emerges from his burrow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If not, we will enjoy an early spring. Now, we’re sure the weather and the fact that it may be sunny or cloudy on that day has nothing to do with the outcome of the groundhog’s little outing, right? According to proponents of Groundhog Day, the groundhog is right about 75 – 90% of the time. Others have put the little guy’s prediction accuracy rate closer to 40% or less.

So, let’s imagine Punxatawney Phil and his groundhog friends spending the morning, or even the previous night, sitting around their mini kegerator, using their furry little paws to flip the kegerator tap so that they can enjoy some cold, fresh beer before making the journey out into the bright light above. What do you think would happen?

For one, there would probably be plenty of groundhog-style jokes around the mini keg about how ridiculous humans were for relying on them to predict the coming spring. They’d probably spend the morning laughing as they emptied the contents of their mini kegerator, deciding whether they should mess with the heads of the thousands that came to watch them just to see whether they came out of their burrow or retreated back inside once they saw their shadow.

Then of course, there would be the actual outing itself. After a kegerator induced haze set in, the groundhog might leave his burrow, stumble around a little, and fall down before he could decide whether or not to truly emerge from his hole or to retreat back inside because he saw his shadow. That might in and of itself prove to be worth the price of admission!

Well, we doubt that there will be mini kegerators lowered into groundhog burrows around the country anytime soon or that the furry critters will figure out how to operate a kegerator tap, but never fear – there is a still a place for kegerators on Groundhog’s Day. After all, thousands of people around the country gather in various towns to hold morning festivals and celebrations to watch the groundhog emerge from his burrow. There are Groundhog Lodges and other groups that get together and organize big social outings, filled with food, beer and entertainment. And where there is beer, there is certainly room for a kegerator or two to serve the beer fresh from the tap.

So, when Groundhog Day comes rolling around, make sure there is a kegerator on hand, filled with some tasty German beer, because after all, the holiday itself is a German custom, and you know how Germans like their beer! Then sit back and think about what it would be like if Punxatawney Phil had just emerged from his own social outing around his own mini kegerator, and you’re sure to have a few good laughs on a cold winter day!

Celebrate a Veteran This Veterans Day With A Mini Kegerator

Veterans Day, celebrated each year in the United States on November 11th, is a day to honor our nation’s military veterans. While it is not necessarily a gift-giving holiday, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day maybe, there is no reason why you can’t make this year’s Veteran’s Day something extra-special by getting a gift for that special veteran in your life.

Celebrate a Veteran with a mini kegerator
Show a veteran how much you appreciate their dedication and sacrifice for our great nation with an unexpected kegerator gift.

Gift giving on Veteran’s Day is not the norm, and is probably not something you plan on doing every year, but if you want to let a special veteran know how much you appreciate their service and the sacrifice they have made for our country, think about getting them a mini kegerator as a gift. It’s a one-time gift that they can enjoy for years to come.

The nice thing about getting someone a mini kegerator as a gift is that almost everyone can use one, or at least anyone that likes to drink beer. Mini kegerators are basically small, table-top models that are similar in function to full size kegerators, except that they are designed to fit mini kegs. Some models only fit Heineken 5 liter draught kegs, but other models will accept any type of mini beer keg, so check the features of the mini kegerator you are considering buying before you make your purchase. In fact, there are even some models of mini kegerators that will also dispense wine, although this is not the norm, and it is generally not recommended that you buy a mini kegerator for a wine drinker.

A mini kegerator is a great gift for those that like to get together with their buddies to toss down a few cold ones, whether they do that at home or somewhere else. Unlike an under the counter kegerator or another type of large kegerator that needs to stay in one location, mini kegerators are small and portable. This means that your favorite veteran can take their mini beer dispenser with them, whether they are on a boat, going on a camping trip, getting together at a local hangout with their friends, or even tailgating at a ball game. Of course, they’ll have to make sure that they only bring their mini keg with them where it is legal to drink its contents, but having a portable kegerator to take along wherever the party may be is a great way to show your appreciation while ensuring that they have a good time, or at least a few cold, fresh glasses of beer.

Mini kegerator prices are generally in the range of $100 – $300, with most models falling right between the two numbers. Although this can be a somewhat pricy gift for a holiday that is not even one in which gifts are expected, the unexpected gesture is sure to be one that is appreciated and remembered for a long time to come. In addition to the opportunity for the gift recipient to have a beer dispenser that provides, cold, fresh and good tasting beer at the touch of a tap, the mini kegerator will also wind up saving your favorite veteran money, since it is less expensive to buy mini kegs than it is to buy the equivalent amount of beer in cans or bottles. This is just another benefit to this thoughtful and unique gift.

So, as you plan to celebrate the importance of Veteran’s Day, be sure to show your appreciation for your favorite veteran and remember how great it is to be an American thanks to all that veterans have done to make our lives what they are today. Then, head to a local store or go online to buy a mini kegerator to let a veteran know how much you honor their service.

Deal Alert: Summer Mini Kegerator Sale

Temperatures are heating up this weekend and we have been notified of a brand new summer mini kegerator sale starting today and for one day only!

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The Mini Kegerator Craze

Mini kegerators are a convenient way to enjoy draft beer at home, and many beer fans are joining the bandwagon. In our world of gadgets and gizmos, this invention is quite sellable. Most mini kegerators are designed to dispense from a new kind of five-liter beer keg, available at most supermarkets. While these mini kegs are easy to find, I have only seen them from Heiniken, although I hear that many other companies produce them. Mini kegerators are very portable, making them the perfect choice for weekend camping or boat trip, and also fit into any RV with little work, as some brands run on 12-volt power. Mini kegerators are about the size and weight of a microwave. They make a good gift idea for any die-hard beer fan.

Some mini kegs require the use of electricity to keep the beer cold, and others you simply place in your fridge. This is where the mini kegerator comes in. Many companies are making these gadgets these days. Here is a brief revue of some of the more competitive models:

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator 
Under $200.00
The EdgeStar Mini Kegerators are good multi-purpose mini kegerators. Heineken 5 liter Draughtkegs can be used in them, and they feature quiet operating noise. These mini kegerators light up with a blue LED light to illuminate your mini keg beer choice. Includes cleaning kit (a must), and is capable of running off of AC or DC power. All this for only $200.00 or so. See Mini Kegerator Details

Avanti Mini Kegerator

Avanti Mini Kegerator
Around $200.00
The Avanti Mini Kegerator MBD5L is another multi-purpose kegerator in which either gravity flow or CO2 can be used for operation. This unit can also be used with AC or DC power, making it a good choice for RVs, camping, or boating. It features a digital display and both tapping and cleaning kits are included, a real bonus! This model can be had for around $250.00. Icy Cold Mini Kegerator works with CO2 mini kegs and gravity feed mini kegs, and can hold even 6-liter mini kegs. A fan inside the kegerator ensures even cooling of the keg, and it is hand washable. These are found for around $200. See Mini Kegerator Details

Krups BeerTender Mini Kegerator

Krups BeerTender Mini Kegerator 
From $99.00 to $200.00
Krups BeerTender is powered by a CO2 pressure system, and features three temperature presets (36°, 39° or 42°F), a beer volume gauge, and keeps track of how long your mini keg has been opened. A good multi-function mini kegerator – these run about $200.00. See Mini Kegerator Details

Vinotemp Mini Kegerator

Vinotemp Mini Kegerator
Around $300.00
Vinotemp Mini Kegerator VT-BEER. Beer flow is powered with CO2. This unit comes with a digital display and push button temperature settings, and the cooling system operates efficiently. It also comes with 3 CO2 cartridges to get you going. Prices run from around $300. See Mini Kegerator Details

Nostalgia Electrics Mini Kegerator

Nostalgia Electrics Mini Kegerator
Around $175.00
Nostalgia Electrics Mini Kegerator BC4600 is a mini kegerator designed for use with gravity flow mini-kegs. This model is self-cooling, and runs about $175.00. See Mini Kegerator Details

As you can see, there are many variations on the theme of mini kegerators. Some models focus on efficiency, some on multi-functionality. Take the time to consider what qualities will make the mini kegerator useful to you – it is a good idea to shop around to ensure you best value if you plan on buying one. Some questions you should ask before buying are:

Is this mini kegerator energy efficient? With the current economic and environmental situations we are facing in the world, this is an important issue. We see, smell, and hear pollution from our cars and trucks, but we often don’t see, smell, or hear the pollution coming from our power plants – but the effects of such pollution are drastic and frightening. The environmental destruction from coal and nuclear power plants is hard to measure now – future generations will be more familiar with the real costs of utilizing such techniques to power our gadgets and gizmos. Therefore, it is wise to conserve energy.

Does this model accept the mini kegs of my favorite beers? This is the most important question. What good will a mini kegerator be if you can only drink swill form it? Double check that the model you buy will fit the keg you drink from – or that an adapter is available for it.

Will this mini kegerator work with CO2 powered mini kegs? This question is related to the previous one. If the mini kegerator utilizes CO2, and your favorite beer mini keg utilizes CO2, it will probably work. If it does, you will also need some CO2 cartridges – know what you will need to operate your mini kegerator.

Is this model noisy or quiet? For some, noise pollution is as bad as smog. If you or the person you are buying for has sensitive ears, look for a mini kegerator that features quiet operation. If the user does not have sensitive ears, then go for the value on the louder mini kegerator.

Will this model function on DC power? And does it come with an adapter for such use? Especially if giving a mini kegerator as a gift, you will want to make sure it comes with everything it needs for operation. DC power is nice to have, and some models with DC power come with the adapter, but just in case, make sure that the model you are buying has the adapter – it may be hard to find otherwise.

If you are buying a mini keg as a gift, you should make sure to give them beer with it. Like giving a flask, it is bad luck to deliver the gift empty of alcohol. Some models use a gravity feed system, while others use a CO2 system for dispensing the beer. It is a good idea to check in with the mini keg receiver about what beer they like and suit the mini keg accordingly.

What's so Special About Kegerator Beer?

Ah, to enjoy a cold draught beer after a long day of work or play – and in the comfort of your own home.  Kegerators can make any gathering more special, whether it is a night of music, movies, gaming, or football.  Finding the tight kegerator for your home can make all the difference, and they are essential appliances for the home bar, whether it be in the den or a speakeasy-style basement bar.  For home brewers, kegerators are the perfect choice for serving your kegged home brew.

Canned and bottled beers are great – but they run out so quickly.  They also take up a lot of space in the fridge.  This is why kegerators make such great additions to any beer fan’s home, whether you are a home brew hobbyist, a craft beer enthusiast, or just a fan of beer.  Draft beer just tastes better, especially at home.

Kegerator Beer

The best thing about having a kegerator around is when company comes over.  To be able to say to friends,

“Help yourself to as much beer as you want – the kegerator is right over there!”

That is a beautiful moment.  I remember my first night of kegerator drinking.  I believe it was Austin, TX micro brewery Live Oak’s Big Bark Amber Ale.  My host was generous, and the beer cold and tasty – thanks to his kegerator.  It certainly made that visit “just to say hi” much more special.

Buying a kegerator doesn’t have to be expensive, either.  Kegerator conversion kits can turn that old fridge that you don’t know what to do with into a useful appliance.  They are available for $50 to $250, depending on what design elements you wish to incorporate.  You can even put that top compartment freezer to use keeping pint glasses and mugs nice and frosty.

If you are looking for something pre-packaged, you can still get a mini kegerator for as little as $100.  These mini kegerators dispense store bought mini kegs of the five and six liter variety with optimum ease.  Some even dispense the beer with CO2, supplied via cartridge, to ensure that your mini keg beer keeps for up to 30 days.  But one party and that mini keg is toast, trust me.  If the beer has not been drank after 30 days, you are doin’ it wrong!

Most kegerators have the capacity to serve at least one 15 1/2  gallon keg of beer at time.  With pony kegs or soda kegs, and multi-taps, you can even have more than one beer on tap at one time.  Some kegerators come with four or more beer taps.  That’s better than a lot of bars! 

Kegerators are also highly customizable.  If you want more taps, you can always add them later.  Tap handles are another way to customize your kegerator.  Put tap handles of your favorite beers on your kegerator, or make custom ones out of a gear shifter or a My Little Pony.  I have even seen someone take a wooden wine barrel and use it to build a façade around their kegerator to make a most convincing and entertaining illusion that the beer flowed up right from a wooden keg.  You can equip your kegerator with a nitrogen system for smoother draughts or add a filtration system for clearer pints.  Spice up your kegerator with custom skins or beer decals.

Whether mini or full sized kegerator is for you, the benefits of having draft beer at home remain the same: make your home more hospitable, have better parties, and never be short of beer, even on Sunday.  A kegerator in your home bar is a definite plus, whether on game day or for a great birthday party.  All of this is what makes kegerator beer so special.

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