Old Speckled Hen – Brew Approves!

Old Speckled Hen

So, last night I hit my local beer, wine and spirits specialty store and grabbed a bundle of Old Speckled Hen. Now I’ve tasted this before a few years ago when I was trying to become a B.B. Rovers 101 Club Member. To become a member you have to drink 101 different beers from over 300 beers on their menu.

I acheived my goal and drank 101 beers becoming member #1069. The club is really cool and comes with some great perks. You get a 10% discount on weekends for the beer and the authentic pub style food. Labor day weekend, the bar is open only to members and a guest with free beer and catered bbq all day. You also get your name on a plaque and a free t-shirt. And last but not least your 101st beer is on the house.

Brew and Old Speckled Hen

As for the Old Speckled Hen, I really enjoyed this beer. I am a HUGE hop head, but this malty and rich pale ale was a surprising and refreshing change for me. The ale is easy drinking and hosts a silky and sweet finish. I highly recommend anyone reading this to try Old Speckled Hen the next time you see it on a menu. This ale is imported from England, but you will find it in your local beer specialty store and costs around $8-10 dollars for a 6 pack.

My new Golden Retriever puppy, "Brew" grabbed a lick off the bottle when I wasn’t looking and I know he approves of this pale ale too.