Easter Eggs, Easter Bonnets, the Easter Bunny… and a Kegerator?

Easter Eggs, Easter Bonnets, the Easter Bunny... and a Kegerator?

Easter is a springtime holiday that always falls on a Sunday between the dates of March 22nd and April 25th, depending on the year. It is a religious holiday, but like Christmas, it is one that has developed many secular traditions over the years as well.

The celebration of Easter is a Christian holiday, and commemorates the date of the resurrection of Christ. It also marks the end of Lent, which is characterized by a period of penance and prayer. Therefore, Easter Sunday is also seen as a day of indulgence and enjoyment of those things that have been given up during the period that precedes the holiday.

The Easter holiday is filled with all things fun and enjoyable. Whether that is Easter baskets filled with loads of candy or brightly colored Easter eggs that have been decorated with abandon, the day is also always filled with a big holiday feast, usually shared with family and/or friends. So, what’s the connection to all of these Easter related icons and a kegerator? Well, a kegerator certainly fits the bill for “all things fun and enjoyable”, doesn’t it?

If we’re talking about indulgence and celebration to mark the end of a period of time in which we have given up certain habits in order to repent, then it is very likely that drinking beer is on the list of many an adult that have chosen to give up the beverage during the Lenten season. Therefore, it is on Easter Sunday that the coveted brew can once again be enjoyed. And what better way to enjoy a beer after abstaining for a period of time than from a kegerator, where you can be sure that the beer than flows from that kegerator spout will be fresh, cold and delicious?

Of course, the holiday is also a day to share a big meal with those closest to you and to indulge a bit if you want. So, whether that is too much candy, or a few brews from your kegerator, you should take solace in the knowledge that today is a day that it’s okay to just enjoy yourself. If the celebration is at your house this Easter, and you happen to own a kegerator, certainly make sure that you have enough beer to go around in order to be able to satisfactorily quench the thirst of all the adults in the house. After all, the kids will probably be stuffing themselves silly with candy all day, so you should all have a chance to enjoy the contents of your kegerator as well!

When you are planning your upcoming Easter family get-together, make sure you have all of the essentials to celebrate the day. A delicious dinner, most probably with ham taking center stage as well as all of the delicious fixings to go along with it, lots of candy, a bunch of brightly colored and beautifully decorated eggs, a couple of really frilly pastel-colored Easter bonnets, and a kegerator with some delicious tasting beer inside (if you only have a mini kegerator, that’s fine, too – you’ll still have plenty to go around and you can always make sure you have a spare mini keg or two waiting in the wings in case you need to tap into it). You may even want to add a few little special surprises delivered by the Easter Bunny, but that’s entirely up to you. As long as you have your family and friends around, the rest of the holiday “essentials” are just icing on the cake.

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