10 Weird Things to Convert into a Kegerator

Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes, and many beer fans are showing a great degree of creativity in their manufacture and decoration. Here are the top ten weirdest chassis that I have seen for home beer dispensing recently:

The GameratorArcade Game
Available from thegamerator.com for a mere $3,499, the Gamerator comes loaded with approximately 100 classic arcade titles such as Space Invaders, Operation Wolf, Mrs. Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and many more. Too bad they don’t include a keg of beer for that price tag.


Lake KegeratorLake
A primitive, yet functional solution for a “redneck” kegerator is simply throwing the keg in the lake to keep the beer cooler than “hot summer day”.  Also handy for determining the level of beer in the keg – the higher it starts to float, the closer to empty it is.


Steampunk "Brewery" Computer Computer  
I highly doubt this unit dispenses beer, but it is being heralded as such.  Perhaps there is an attachment for a beer in line somewhere around back… from Russia or Poland, I hear.


This mobile draught beer system looks like a fun ride.  Two taps of high quality beer staged in a very mobile beer cooler.  Looks like it might hold full regulation-sized kegs, too.


Butt Crack KegeratorButt Crack
This kegerator is a little more creative and a lot scarier – Butt crack kegerator.  Not sure how much beer this ass can hold, but it sure is hilarious.




VW TrunkVW 
This kegerator brings new meaning to a “tailgate party”.  Sure to be a hit in the stadium parking lot.  I hope the owner made the tower modular, or else he might find his trunk has been jimmied while he was in the stadium watching the game.


Trash Can KegeratorTrash Can 
This kegerator idea is a perfect mod for trash cans of all types.  The bigger, the better, and more taps available.  Foam board insulation can be easily cut and installed for this style of mobile beer cooler.


Wine or Whisky barrelWine or Whisky barrel
Your local wine or whisky maker usually sells used barrels and half barrels to the public.  One of these can then be converted into an antique looking kegerator… and they’re great for renaissance fairs!




Vintage Gas Pump Vintage Gas Pump
For gear heads or race fans, an antique fuel pump makes an awesome kegerator conversion.  I’ve actually never seen one of these in person, but have heard stories that it has been done before. Just make sure that you get rid of that gasoline smell.




Antique RefrigeratorAntique Refrigerator
Although this may not seem that strange, it is one of the harder kegerator projects.  Older units, with the streamlined look usually don’t work – this requires rebuilding or replacing the whole refrigeration machine – running new coolant lines, fixing rusted out spots of the chassis, most likely getting a new compressor, rebuilding the weather-stripping, and a whole laundry list of other potential problems.  The result is fabulous, though.

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