A Kegerator Deal Fit For the President

It is no secret that our founding fathers were beer drinkers. Beer drinking and beer making has been a long tradition in the white house and recent presidents are even showing off their beer making skills with the help of on staff beekeepers and brew masters. You can even make the White House Honey Porter or White House Honey Ale recipes at home.  So, to celebrate our past presidents and their love of draft beer, we have an awesome kegerator deal that basically gets you a beautiful stainless beer dispenser for the price of a basic black unit. Take advantage of this deal while they are still in stock.

Full Size Kegerator Beer Dispenser in Stainless

Normally $549, Now Get an Extra $50 Off Limited Time Only! $499.00 + FREE Shipping + 60 Day Return Policy

UPDATE: 2/19/2015
Use Promo code WELCOME10 and get an additional 10% off this kegerator. It brings it down to $449.10


What do President’s Day and Kegerators Have in Common? Not much, but who doesn’t like saving money $$.

10 New Things to Drink Beer Out Of

Pressurized Growler with Tap

Keeps beer fresh and cold on the goOn KickStarter Now

A Beer Tasting Flight Board

Don’t let the bars have all the fun. Pour your own flights at home. At Great Fermentations

A Giant Flip Top Bottle

Holds around 8 or so 12 oz beers. At Bader Beer

A Mason Jar with a Stainless Steel Straw

These tall boys hold 24 oz of whatever your pleasure. At Etsy

A Pint Glass Made of Squishy Silicone

Not glass and not quite plastic. A happy middle. At Silipint

Probably the Coolest Beer Glass Ever Made

The Rad curvature of Teku is perfect for tasting craft beers. At Amazon

A Tabletop Tube of Beer

Not sure why, but let’s just do it. At Kegerator.com

A Beer Pitcher with Ice at Its Core

Who even needs a mug when you have this? At KegWorks


A Beer Mug Made of Oak

Can’t get enough of that barrel-aged flavor? Here’s your mug. At Amazon

Homebrew Bottles Made of Aluminum

No glass allowed? Metal bottles save the day At Deep Wood Brew.

A New Breed of Kegerator is Here

The days of beer being the only thing pouring from the tap are over. Kegerator manufacturers are adding specialty equipment to pre-made kegerators to allow the dispensing of iced coffee, soda, wine and even tea. With the addition of a different tap type and air tank, a beer dispenser can be modified to push almost anything. The newest innovations are combining beverages like coffee and beer into a single system. These kegerators target home and office environments that want iced coffee in the morning and beer for happy hour.

Not only are the beverage options changing, this new breed of drink slinging cold box is packed with digital temperature control, LED display and deep chill modes for super fast chilling.

Have a look at a few of the new kegerators hitting the streets.




Iced Coffee and Beer Kegerator

  • Ultimate office entertainment kegerator
  • EdgeStar dual tap cold brew coffee and kegerator
  • Start your day with cold brewed coffee and end it with a frosty cold beer
  • The specialty coffee faucet allows for a cascading pour
  • Designed specifically for cold brewed coffee and beer kegs
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Digital Javarator

  • Store, refrigerate, and dispense chilled coffee
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Fan-Forced Cooling for Super Cool Temperatures
  • Holds up to three 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Home Brew Coffee Kegs
  • Deep Chill Function
  • Converts to a Refrigerator with 2 Shelves
  • Locking Casters Provide Mobility
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  • Kombucha (Tea) and beer dispenser
  • Stainless steel and food grade plastic to ensure cleanliness
  • All the equipment necessary to serve kombucha and beer on tap from two kegs at once
  • Fits up to three 5 gallon Kombucha Kegs
  • Convertible to an all refrigerator with two shelves
  • Black Cabinet with Stainless Steel Door
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  • Wine keg dispenser for pouring wine by the glass in the comfort of your home
  • Each wine keg (or cask) holds the same amount of wine as approximately 26 (750ml) bottles
  • The home wine tap system cuts costs, increases wine freshness and reduces the amount of waste caused by bottles and corks
  • 304 stainless steel dispensing hardware ensure your wine is completely protected from oxygen permeation
  • Both red & white wine temperature capabilities
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Lynx Grills' Luxury Draft Beer Dispensers

Lynx is well know for their professional built-in style outdoor kitchen equipment and their Lynx Outdoor Commercial Kegerator – L24BF is the ROLLS ROYCE of kegerators ( if there is such a thing). Available in Single Tap and Double Tap.

Lynx Kegerator

Whether you are building a residential outdoor kitchen or a professional commercial kitchen, the Lynx refrigerator and draft beer dispenser is the ultimate workhorse for your dollar.  Lynx is one of the most expensive units on the market, but don’t be scared off by the price just yet.  If you are truly looking for a kegerator that will last 10+ years of outdoor wear and tear the Lynx might be for you.


These kegerators have it all:

  • Outdoor rated
  • Built-in ready
  • Full stainless interior and exterior
  • Rated for food and beverage storage
  • Digital temperature control
  • Temp range of 33 to 45 degrees F
  • Forced-air cooling and advanced insulation
  • Variable-speed compressor (4 year warranty)
  • Interior illumination
  • Two coated stainless steel pull-out racks with multiple positions
  • Door can be hinged left or right
  • Door lock
  • Accommodates all standard keg sizes

New Digital Kegerator with DEEP CHILL Feature

You just bought a keg and rush to get it home and into your kegerator, but the traffic and rising temperatures outside are not working in your favor. As beer travels, it gets agitated releasing gas into the headspace of the keg and this causes foam. As the temperature of the beer rises the foaming issue only gets worse. OH BUMMER!

Yes, we must chill and the team at EdgeStar Kegerators is working hard to solve these problems with their new DIGITAL kegerator which includes a DEEP CHILL feature. Think of it as an overdrive button for your beer dispensing hot rod.


The DEEP CHILL feature kicks the compressor into overdrive when pressed and sends it back into regular cooling mode when pressed again. This will quickly cool down your keg and allow any escaped gasses to equalize back into the beer faster. EdgeStar keeps bringing the innovation and the new KC3000 Line of Kegerators with digital LCD, spacious refrigeration compartment and high quality dispensing equipment is no exception.

Digital Kegerator KC3000 in Black

Digital Kegerator KC3000 in Stainless Steel


New Elite Line of Kegerators From EdgeStar

EdgeStar has rethought how kegerators should look, chill and function for residential use. Most commercial grade kegerators are packed with additional features that residential kegerators exclude to bring the cost down. Unfortunately by skipping some of these features the kegerators don’t last very long due to cheap compressors and poor insulation.

Enter the  EdgeStar Elite Kegerator  Series. These draft beer dispensers are made to last, look good and be easy to use. Win, win, win. You will pay more for these kegerators, but you DO get what you pay for like a full stainless steel interior, exterior and a reinforced floor plate. The Elite KC7000 kegerators are available in many different configurations including outdoor approved, dual tap, built-in and freestanding options.


The manufacturer added the first residential forced air blower for the beer tower making each pour icy cold and low foam.


All of the unit settings, including temperature and interior LED lighting, are easily adjusted using the electronic control panel with push buttons and digital temperature display. The LED lights consume less energy and do not emit any heat.


You have the option of reversing the lockable door if you happen to prefer a certain direction or would like the unit to follow the flow of your cabinetry.


Overall a really great looking kegerator full of the features for any home bar or outdoor kitchen. Think about what you actually need when you are considering buying a beer dispenser. Don’t settle for a sub-par cooling system or a cheap analog thermostat controller. Go with the EdgeStar Elite Series and enjoy perfect pours, stylish looks and quick digital temp control adjustments. You’ll thank us later.

New Kegerator from Smart+ Products

Today we’ve added a new stainless steel freestanding kegerator from Smart+ Products. Sleek and stylish isn’t all it has going for it, this kegerator houses the CO2 tank inside allowing it to sit flush against the wall. Not all freestanding units offer this feature, so we’re happy to see another option from this manufacturer.

The kegerator can hold full sized kegs as well as homebrew style kegs. The cooling power of this unit allows it to get beer down to 34 F for ice cold brews. The kegerator comes with all the standard beer dispensing equipment and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

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Kegerator includes:
  • - Standard Keg coupler
  • - Rubber choke
  • - CO2 regulator
  • - Beer tower tap
  • - beer hose assembly
  • - Beer tower washer
  • - High pressure washer
  • - Air hose
  • - Drip pan top
  • - Keg Protective base board (internal)
  • - Beer Tower hole cover
  • - CO2 tank
  • - Guard rail
  • - Beer tap wrench

Model # SPP155BDSS

10 Bad-Ass Kegerator Builds and Installs

ATV Kegerator and Apple TV

Whoever did this a redneck genius.


Dual Tap In-Counter Kegerator

Front and center in the kitchen. How it should be.



5 -Tap Homebrew Kegerator

Taps mounted low, but you get 5 of them.

top Freezer

Diamond Plated Kegerator and Flat Screen

Imagining this in your workshop?


Industrial Pipe Kegerator Tower

Not a pipe dream, it’s real.


Double Tap Barrel Kegerator

Could be a torture device? Nope, its a barrel-er-ator.


8 Tap Keezer (Kegerator/Freezer)

Now they’re just showing off.


Outdoor Kitchen Kegerator

Who even needs a house when you have an outdoor kitchen like this?



Quick Getaway Freestanding Kegerator

Not the prettiest install, but you could wheel it into the bathroom if needed.


Fire Pit Kegerator