Best way to install a beer tap away from a keg fridge?

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Dear Kegerator Guy,
How can you run beer line and install a beer tap away from my keg fridge? - Phil

Which kegerators are best for use in a garage or outside on the back porch? - DIY

Need to worry about tap handle size and thread size when buying tap handles? - Carl

Answer for the expert

Dear Phil in Portland,
By running beer lines under your home bar, you can install your draft beer tower on the bar and still serve kegerator chilled beer. The important thing is to insulate your beer lines so that the beer is still cold when it is served. You will also need a special beer shank to connect the beer line on the outside of the kegerator. The easiest way to do this is to buy a regular shank and modify it to this purpose.

DIY Network,
Home made kegerators are ideal for this purpose, a good venue to show off your ingenuity. Other than that, there are many kegerator models that are ideal for outside use, such as: Marvel Kegerator 60HKSSXF, Marvel Kegerator 60HKSSF, and Viking Kegerator VRBD, just to name a few. Just make sure the kegerator is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved.

Dear Carl,
Yes. You must ensure that you have plenty of room if you want an elaborate or large beer handle for your beer faucet. 3/8"-16 thread is the most common thread size in the states, so while shopping, it is a good idea to keep this number in mind. If you are trying to adapt an European tap handle to an American faucet, you will run into the metric vs. standard issue. Something is going to have to be re-machined or glued.

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