Kegerators: They're Not Just For Beer

In college you had a beer taste on a soda budget. But never underestimate the power of 4 friends collectively combining funds to purchase a keg for the weekend. And while your funds only allowed you to get the cheapest beer available, you made it work. So over time, our college party brains have trained us to associate kegerators with beer. But now you're an adult with a real job and a fat paycheck! Just the thought of low quality beer in a keg makes you nauseous. Thankfully, kegerators are not only for beer these days.

wine kegerators

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Every Sunday you wait in the grocery store line with your carton of 6 wine bottles. Buying in bulk gets you 10% discount, but you're still embarrassed by the amount of bulk you are buying each week. Things get even more shameful when the recycling truck comes by and dumps out all the glass bottles. The sound resonates through the neighborhood and now all your neighbors are aware of your vice. But there's hope! Your shame can subside because this wine kegerator can hold 26 bottles of wine! Twenty-six! That's at least 4 weeks of avoiding the judgemental stares from the grocery lane check out lady and neighbors. And all you'll hear this week when the recycling truck comes by this week is the soft whisper of egg cartons and Amazon Prime boxes.

    Wine Kegerator Fast Facts
  • Holds 26 (750mL) bottles of wine
  • Reduces the waste of bottles and corks
  • Both red and white temperature capabilities
  • Keeps wine fresh and protects from oxygen permeation

How Many Wines Do you Want On Tap?

coffee kegerator

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Nights spent working late, rocking babies back to sleep, and house training the puppy are increasing, which makes mornings come earlier and earlier these days. Caffeine is the one thing keeping you half alert all day. But that one cup of coffee at 5AM isn't going to keep you functioning for the next 12 hours. The Coffee Kegerator is calling your name. This is a complete cold brew dispensing system with a special cold brew coffee faucet for a cascading pour. This faucet is now your personal barista. Think of all the money you'll save by not driving through your favorite coffee joint twice a day!

But I like coffee and beer, you say. Well, the beverage gods have made it possible for you to pour both out of one split system kegerator. Cold brew coffee by day, cold IPA by night. Thank you beverage gods.

    The Coffee Kegerator Fast Facts
  • Uses a special cold brew coffee faucet for a cascading pour
  • Dispensed with nitrogen gas
  • Insulated tower keeps coffee "iced" during pours
  • Coffee kegerators have a small footprint

Coffee Kegerators Come in Many Sizes

liquor kegerator

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At least once a week you come home after a long day to find guest cars lining your driveway and curb. Your wife loves to invite people over without telling you, but also expects you to be the bartender. So, this means some quick thinking on your part to get all the drinks ready quickly and easily.

If only all your friends were homebrew lovers, your beer kegerator would do the job. But you have some liquor aficionados who expect their drink to be chilled perfectly. Thankfully, your Vinotemp Chilled Liquor Dispenser comes to the rescue. Not only will it chill your vodka quickly and efficiently, it's LED illumination will give everyone the party vibe. But if you do have the time and want to really wow your guests with a liquor display and ready made cocktail in one, pick up the Watermelon Keg Tapping kit. The watermelon becomes the keg with a mounted tap installed through the wall of the melon. This party centerpiece is a show stopper and thirst quencher. No wonder everyone keeps coming back to your house for happy hour.

    Liquor Kegerator Fast Facts
  • Dispenses chilled liquor from the tap
  • Available in single or multiple bottle models
  • Chills liquor for shots or cocktails
  • Drink mixes can be blended during pours on some models

Liquor Kegerator Dispenses Cocktails or Shots

kombucha kegerator

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Gray hair be gone! Body protect me from sickness! Kombucha is a unique drink that claims to produce these beneficial effects. Kombucha (Kom-bu-cha) is a beverage produced by fermenting sweet black or green tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. Being the best you takes some hard work. You already get out of bed at 4am for boot camp, eat salmon and lettuce for lunch and meditate before bed. The easiest part of your day should be pulling the handle of your Kombucha kegerator. The best you from the inside out.

Caution: Kombucha does claim to increase your libido, which could decrease your sleep should a baby be born.
    Kombucha Kegerator Fast Facts
  • Designed for the unique requirements of dispensing Kombucha fermented tea
  • Dispense system consists of stainless steel and food grade plastic to ensure cleanliness
  • Comes complete with equipment necessary to serve kombucha on tap
  • Convertible to an all refrigerator with two shelves
  • Chrome guardrail
  • Easy Roll Locking Casters
  • Removable Built-in Drip Tray is dishwasher safe

Kombucha Kegerators Are Versatile

sparkling water kegerator

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The homebrew kegerator sitting in your garage is a daily reminder of your homebrewing days. Homebrewing takes a lot of time and patience, but don't let your lack of time leave this old friend unfilled! You can quickly and easily make a family friendly sparkling water.

Sparkling, Fizzy, Bubble Water
Fill a homebrew keg with filtered water. Then you could add a multitude of flavorings such as fresh squeezed lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange juice. Or you could just KISS (keep it simple stupid) and just go with plain water. Force carbonate your water at 25-35 PSI (see carbonation chart) for a few days and check the bubble level. Adjust to 5-8 PSI for serving. Now if you don't have an old kegerator but you do have your college refrigerator, you can convert it to house your sparkling water. Use this conversion kit to transform the fridge from plain to sparkly! Your unicorn obsessed daughter will be sure to love it!