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Question for the expertWhat kind of special equipment do you need to dispense stout beer out of a keg cooler?

Question for the expertIt depends on the kind of beer. Most home and micro brew stout will be fine dispensed from a regular beer faucet. Some commercially available stouts, like Guinness for example, need a special spigot and increased pressure on the gas lines leading to the keg. Most stouts benefit from increased pressure, to maintain their good head, but Guinness needs a special gas mixture as well as a 28-30 PSI going into the keg. Check out our Guinness Kegerator.

Question for the expert Do you need special equipment to dispense homebrew beer out of a keg cooler?

Question for the expert It depends. Most home brewers keg into their own Cornelius kegs and have the appropriate taps to ensure that the beer flows from them. If you are having some friends supply home made beer for your party, they will probably have all the equipment you need. If you want make home brew yourself, you will need the appropriate kegs, fluid, and gas lines and couplers in order to serve from your kegerator.

Question for the expert If you have kids or an after-hours staff, is there a way to protect your draft beer from being dispensed?

Question for the expert Yes. You can purchase beer faucet locks for your kegerator to ensure that your beer remains safe while you are away. These faucet locks are available for most varieties of beer faucets. See our faucet locks.

Question for the expert What is the best way to dispense a glass of beer out of a beer tap?

Question for the expert First, get a clean pint glass. Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle, and try to make sure the beer is hitting in the middle of the glass. Half-way through pouring the pint, shift the angle so that the beer is pouring directly into the center of the glass. This will allow the head to form properly.

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