How often to clean kegerator beer lines?

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Dear Kegerator Guy,
I have a couple of beginner questions for you ... First, what temperature should a kegerator be set to for optimal beer taste? Next, after purchasing a keg of beer, can you tap it immediately or should you wait? Finally, How often should I clean my kegerator beer lines?

-- Scott in Ontario, Canada

Answer for the expert

Hey Scott ,
Answer #1 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for storing and serving most ales. In recent years, some companies have begun experimenting with extra cold drafts, including Guinness and Coors, but kegs of these specialty brews are uncommon.

Answer #2 - Wait. After the keg is in position, let it settle. This will ensure that the beer is not over foamy, at least, if all the adjustments on your kegerator are correct. It is best to let beer settle for 2-4 hours after its bumpy ride from the keg seller to your kegerator. Then tap it, and it should flow great!

Answer #3 - Clean your beer lines regularly once a month at least. You probably want to just clean them in between each new keg to ensure they will flow properly. Make sure to get a beer line cleaning kit, if you don't already have one, and clean and sanitize your beer lines on a regular basis.

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